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whip cream chargers-dispensers

How do whip cream dispensers work? I am talking about the ones where you put in the cream yourself.Can you add flavoring to the cream? Is it expensive? I have trouble with the canned whip cream from the store keeping it's shape for more than 2 minutes. Any suggestions or links would be appreciated.

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  1. They provide a short-cut to hand whipping by injecting nitrous oxide into the vaporized cream as it exits the spout - just like the canned whipped cream at the store. It looks and performs like old-time seltzer makers but rather than bubbling like water, the cream "whips". You can add whatever you like to the dispenser. It's what restaurants use to create "foams."

    As far as cost goes, it's about $40-50 for the dispenser and about 50-75 cents per cartridge.

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      Food foams are usually gelled liquids passed through the dispenser. Pretty much anything you can think of can work. If it'll gel, it'll foam.

      1. If you are just doing a little bit of dispensing I find that it works well, but if you are doing a lot at one time the canisters run out fast so you need to make sure to have a lot of them on hand. (Based on personal experience at a charity pumpkin pie slice and whipped cream sale.)

        1. Well,,, I knew someone in college who had and used one of these dispensers, but never put anything in the bottle, hehehehehehehehe.

          1. I worked at an espresso stand once that used those. We'd add some vanilla syrup to the whipping cream to sweeten it up. It seems like we'd make chocolate whipped cream sometimes by adding Hershey's syrup ... it was a long time ago. It would be interesting to add liquor and maybe simple syrup ... maybe Bailey's??

            I'm not sure if you're interested in making your own whipped cream? It's really easy and only takes a few minutes. I do that when we need a lot, and it seems to keep its shape as long as needed.

            1. Does anybody know if you could add melted butter and herbs to one of this and make whipped butter?

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                Thanks for the comments. I actually called the people who manufacture the product to check. Alas, they said they do not recommend using butter because it is too thick (as I was afraid). They also said that herbs would have to be the consistency of powder before they could but placed in the container and extruded (you can put them in, pressurize the container, open the container and strain them out if you want to infuse a liquid with herbs). All and all it is an awesome device but not exactly what I need right now.

              2. I had an ISI dispenser, it was about $50 for the smaller bottle. It worked great and made a nice solid whip cream much better than the cans from the store.

                If you didn't use it up fast enough in a few days it would curdle. You can get ultra-pasteurized whipping cream now so maybe that might help with the problem. Mine got shoved behind some things in the fridge and forgotten. I never could get the funk out of it after that.

                The chargers can be found more inexpensive at places like Amazon vs. chain stores or gourmet stores.

                1. we have 3 sizes of ISIs I love them I make whip cream and blue cheese foam for wings and potatos and foams and alllllll sorts of things ..... Looooove it

                  1. I have one of the ISI cannisters but am missing the tip. I suppose I could e-mail them to see about a replacement. Where should I get the co2 cartridges?

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                      I get mine at three places
                      The Kitchen Connection- at the outlet mall but they make me have parent with me
                      Willams Sonoma- they keep them behind the counter
                      The restaurant supply store

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                        I get the cartridges from the webstaurant store, less than $10 for 24. No free shipping, but it's very reasonable,, especially since I always find other things to buy there too. Such as 100 half sheet size parchment papers for less than $5!


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                          You shouldn't be using CO2 cartridges, but nitrous oxide cartridges. You don't want your whipped cream carbonated.