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oval skillets?

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So long story short(ish) - went to the inlaws' place two weekends ago, and they had an awesome oval skillet. It was stainless (or some variation thereof), and about 12" or 13" inches on the long side. And I loved using it! Nice for doing a saute with just a little bit of veg - lots of surface area without being unweildy, decent lenth if I wanted to do asparagus or fish but not super wide.

Now I've started looking for an oval skillet (or oval pan of some variety) of appx the same size. So far the ONLY one I've come up with that isn't huge or nonstick is an Allclad 12" (http://www.kitchen-universe.com/All-C...) . It's about $175 on average.

I am tempted enough to just buy that one, but wondered if anyone knows of any others I should check out? Thinking that "oval skillet" may be the wrong term to search with, so there may be things I'm not stumbling across.

Also - if anyone is inclined, also wondering:

- has anyone tried buying cookware of ebay (yeah, i'm poor!). Good idea, or are these usually fakes or otherwise crappy?
- anyone know of any reason I might ultimately regret dropping $175-200 on an oval pan? Will the novelty wear off, leaving me with a pan I barely use?

Thanks in advance to any with insight!

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  1. I don't see how the "novelty" could wear off. French toast side-by-side, asparagus, fish...

    I'm looking for one myself. If you go to www.froogle.com and search "oval pan", then choose skillets & fry pan from the left filter, you have lots of choices: cast iron, ECI, copper, black steel, etc.


    1. I know LeCreuset makes an enameled cast iron oval skillet. Not sure what size it is.

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        Big! I think LC calls it a fish skillet. It's about 16" x 18".