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May 10, 2011 10:46 AM

Bachelor Party Dinner at the Dandelion?

I'm organizing a small bachelor party dinner (6-8 guys in their 30s and 40s) this summer and I'm considering having it at the Dandelion. Any thoughts on whether this would be an good place to have a special dinner before going out for the night? Does the Dandelion have any special seating areas/rooms that I should request for such a dinner? My other choices would be a steakhouse (Butcher & Singer, Union Trust or Capital Grille). Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. If you are thinking steakhouse, might also want to think about Fogo de Chao as well. Nothing gets the testosterone flowing like cutting meat off a sword.

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    1. re: VTRP

      Thanks! Fogo has been discussed. The only worry is that we may be too full after dinner there to enjoy the rest of the night.

      1. re: pafood

        i can't argue with that statement.

    2. I like the Dandelion, It's really solid pub food. But, I don't know that it will feel "special." If you're considering steakhouses, I'd think about Barclay Prime. If price isn't an issue, I think that would be a kick ass way of starting off a bachelor party.

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      1. re: urbanfabric

        Thanks! We did Barclay Prime not long ago for another friend's bachelor party. You are right. It was great. We just don't want to go to the same place since it is the same group of guys.

        1. re: pafood

          Huh. Well. My two other thoughts were Osteria (although is it much more "special" than the Dandelion? I'm not sure) and the Happy Rooster, which I've heard good things about but have never been.

          If you're willing to go South, perhaps Tre Scalini? or even Dante and Luigi's for old school Italian.

          1. re: urbanfabric

            We are on the same wavelength. Both Osteria and D&L were in my mind. I haven't been to the Happy Rooster in it's current form either. I will check it out. I think I have a few good options. I'll see what the bachelor says. Thanks for your help!

      2. Thanks for the insight. We had a very successful bachelor party dinner at the Dandelion. The food was very good (we all had the fish & chips) and so was the beer.