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May 10, 2011 09:56 AM

ICE CREAM in SE, PA - where's the best?

I'm out in the burbs, Nelson's Ice Cream has been around for generations as a family run business. What other local ice cream joints have the best home made ice cream?

Nelson's Ice Cream
651 Walnut St, Royersford, PA 19468

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  1. The Creamery at Woodside Farms, Hockessin, DE. Worth the drive; Gourmet Magazine (before their printed demise) called it "The best ice cream in the United States". Nice people as well, and a farm-like atmosphere, complete with the Guernsey cows; take the kids!

    1. OWowCow in Ottsville (Upper Bux by Nockamixon) is awesome small-batch and creative flavors. Their chocolate is from a ganache base, so it really tastes like chocolate. Caramel Cashew is my fave, but they have black currant now, which I dearly want to try. Flavors change all the time, based on what's in season.
      Chubby's Dairy Barn is also good in Plumsteadville (I think) It's on 611 closer to Doylestown.

      Dairy Barn
      12025 Susquehanna Trl S, Glen Rock, PA 17327

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        I second Owowcow! It is the absolute best. Plus they focus on using local, organic ingredients!

      2. state college wins awards every year for philly style ice cream.

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          I agree with Owowcow. Carmen and Davids, on Prince street in Lancaster is also excellant, with innovative flavors.
          Less innovative, but still very good, with high butterfat content are Premise Maid on Route 222 in Breinigsville(Southwest of Allentown) and Lapp Valley Farms south of New Holland (they use milk from their own herd of Jersey cows)

        2. OK, so we took the 1 1/2 hour ride from 30 miles NE of Philadelphia to The creamery at Woodside Farms. Now we live about 20 minutes from O Wow Cow, which is very good small batch Ice Cream. Pricy and worth it. Over the river and thru the woods we went to Hockessin, DE for Ice Cream. Top Down, beautiful afternoon, it was well worth the trip.

          The ice cream is not as heavy as O Wow Cow, but very creamy, smooth and full of fresh fruit. The prices are 30% less than O Wow Cow, but when you figure the gas into the trip, it was about $ 11.00 per scoop. If you are in the area, it is worth the trip.