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May 10, 2011 09:20 AM

The Original New Orleans Po-Boy & Gumbo Shop?

Has anybody tried this place? It's a trailer that popped up recently on South Congress at the Shell Station just north of Live Oak.

It looks pretty legit, and it got some good reviews on Yelp, but I don't really trust that site too much... just curious if anybody has any feedback, because very few things bum me out more than a shrimp Po-Boy with 6 shrimp on it.

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  1. Got takeout from them today after realizing that Along Came a Slider was randomly closed for some unknown reason. Summary - the gumbo was pretty watery and bland, and the etouffee was more like tomato soup. The blackened tilapia po'boy was disappointingly bland. The oyster po'boy had a nice amount of oysters on it, and they were quite tasty. I wish the bread were crispier, though. All in all, probably won't come back again.

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      Yeah I was a little skeptical that A - nobody ever seems to be there and B - it's been around for more than a month and I've never heard a single thing about it on here. Thanks for the review!

    2. I wish you'd all go try Mo-Joe's at Lincoln Village and report back...their po-boy was great IMO. Shrimp was perfect. Bread was wonderful. I had never heard of it until last week but it's apparently been there for awhile - I went for lunch and liked it a lot.

      1. I thought the shrimp po-boy from there was delicious. The shrimp were plump and perfectly fried. The red beans and rice were less impressive. They tasted mostly like salt.

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          Lived in New Orleans for 6 years and thought that they had the best version of a "dressed" NO Po-boy that I have had in in this area. Both my girlfriend and I vanquished the footlong shrimp and Oyster Po-boy and she loved the sampler.