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Anyone try the new Magnum Ice Cream Bar?

Is it worth the calories? Looks yummy!

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  1. It looks absolutely delicious but I'm having a horrendously difficult time getting past the fact that there's another product called "Magnum" that has nothing whatever to do with food. : )

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      Bah! Those are just in case you don't finish and need something to put the rest of your ice cream in!

      1. re: Novelli

        Thank you Novelli
        For the laugh from my belly


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          Ha, ha! It does look really good, though!

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            Very cute! these originated in the UK or Canada, I think?

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          yes! that's precisely what i thought the first time i saw the commercial...and showing a woman biting into it with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes just perpetuates the connection :)

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            You must mean the firearm, right? Right?? :-)

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                    very true, and now that i think about it, here in La-La Land it's quite common for young Hollywood types to chug champagne straight from the bottle...but since i typically enjoy my bubbly poured into a flute from a standard 750-mL bottle and i was never a Tom Selleck fan, when i hear "magnum" my mind goes to latex.

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                      In my line of work, when I hear "magnum" thoughts of felon and firearms immediately come to mind ...

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                  Yep, my jaw dropped when I first saw the online ad. I keep the sound off on my laptop in case that might have clarified things....but chocolate condoms? Or hugely *oops* unfortunate naming. I googled and found they were a serious novelty ice cream vendor. Of course, next time we were in that aisle (not ice cream) of the grocery store, the Magnums were pointed out on the shelf.

              1. These have been available nearly everywhere else in the world for years (a decade or more). My son was excited when he saw them here because he's a big fan. It's Dove-bar like and very good quality.

                1. Had one last night ..the almond bar..very good and of high quality..
                  The Belgian chocolate is also very good..had a $1 coupon and they were on sale for $3..plus, had a double coupon, so it worked out to $1 for 3 bars..33 cents is a great deal!

                  1. I've been a long-time fan of the Magnum Bar, as duly noted here previously. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/773116

                    And, yes, finally having them in the U.S. is mah-velous ....

                    1. These are insanely good! As mentioned, they have been available all over the world for a bit. I got hooked on them in Thailand and then hooked others on them during a trip to Spain. I am VERY happy these will now be available in the U.S.

                        1. I thought I was missing something, we've had Magnums in Australia forever. It's not often we have something before anyone else. But yes Magnums are worth it, I love the almond one and when I'm in need the ego version (layered with chocolate, then caramel, then chocolate) is pretty darn good.

                          1. I just want to know - is it really the same 'magnum' ice cream as you could buy in Australia about 20 years ago? That was the first super-premium icecream bar they sold there and they were WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! They used magnificent chocolate and delicious icecream. If it's anything remotely like the same I'll be in heaven. But I'd hate to buy one and be disappointed by horrible hersheys-style chocolate.

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                              They're pretty much like the ones I had in Europe last summer. TO be fair, the US has caught up to some degree. Dove bars are very good. But whether it's nostalgia or something else, the Magnum seems to be a cut above.

                              1. re: ferret

                                We tried Dove bars awhile ago and they just tasted like sugar. We were both extremely disappointed in them. We'll have to try Magnum and hope that it's good.

                              2. Just a caveat -- I was in a store in Florida several years ago, and nearly jumped for joy to see a Magnum bar in their freezer case.

                                I carried it lovingly to the car, opened it and took a bite, expecting it be like the Magnum bars in Europe.

                                I spit out the first bite and threw away the rest of the bar. Hershey-grade chocolate wrapped around a gluey, gummy excuse for ice cream. I have never spit out ice cream before or since (and yes, I checked the expiration date -- and no, it wasn't crystallized like it had been thawed and refrozen. )

                                That part of Florida very often serves as a test market -- but boy, I hope they straightened it out before they took it to the wider market.

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                                  The chocolate here is very good and very melty. Has a great mouth feel. The ice cream is not quite "premium" but I don't believe it is in the European version either.

                                2. I don't know where these originate from but I first tried them in Spain, in summer 2009. They are so worth it!! About a month ago they starting selling them as 'new' in my local grocery store in Canada. I was so looking forward to getting them but I nearly screamed when I saw the price! 3 for $8.99 plus tax!

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                                    All right, I replied not long ago on a different thread that groceries are NOT the place we try to economize, but 3 bucks per bar is ridonkeylous. I'd rather go out for ice cream in that case.

                                  2. I'll take a Dove bar, hold the condom, thanks.

                                    1. We've had Magnum in the UK since 87. They're rather nice! Hope they haven't mucked about with the chocolate on your version.

                                      1. Just tried the magnum - chocolate with vanilla ice cream - the only type they had where I bought mine. I would have preferred chocolate ice cream. I thought it was good, but not nearly as good as Dove, IMHO.

                                        1. It went on sale at Safeway for $3. I had a $1 off introductory coupon. Final price: $2, for 3 bars. 66 cents each. Glad I didn't pay full price. It was ok, but not special enough for the full price to be $4 plus a box (or $1+ a bar).