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May 10, 2011 08:14 AM

coming up for mini reunion this month in Paterson

Need recommendations for the area's best;



Hot Dogs





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  1. Hot dogs is Rutts Hut, Hot Grill (Texas Wieners) in Clifton are my favorites or Libby's by the Paterson Falls is very good.

    The best Italian in that area is La Riviera on Rt. 46 in Clifton a little further you have Divina in caldwell

    Best Pizza within 20 -30 minutes, Star tavern in Orange or Frank Anthonys in Verona.

    Best Diner I like the Lexington in Clifton although the Tick Tock on Rt.3 in Clifton is probably the most popular in the state.

    Best subs are Lakeside Deli in Verona (15 mins) or a little further Fiore's in Hoboken. The best of course is White House in Atlantic City.

    Bagels, your on your own. Lived in jersey almost 50 yrs and there just isnt a great one imo.

    Hot Grill
    669 Lexington Ave, Clifton, NJ 07011

    Lakeside Deli
    1878 State Route 31, Clinton, NJ 08809

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      Awesome friend!!!! thx for the recommendations!

    2. For pizza, try Patsy's Tavern in Paterson. Pappy's in Totowa for hot dogs.

      1. For a great Italian sub, go to A&S on Cedar Hill in Wyckoff. For great Italian, you can't go wrong with Nichola's on Union Blvd. in Totowa or Castaglia on McBrideAvenue in Woodland Park (West Paterson). Both are the best in the area. Have fun! Go to Patsy's for old time's hasn't changed....still among the best pizza ever, although many like Dominick's on Union Blvd. in Totowa as well.

        1. Libby's by the falls may be your best bet for a good dog, plus, with all this rain, a great view of the falls.

          1. Just curious, but what does the area's "best" pizza or bagels have to do with a reunion? Pizza Town in Elmwood Park usually gets top kudos but is totally unsuitable for spending more than 10 minutes in the place...