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Brazilian Pizza - Piola

Lambowner May 10, 2011 07:57 AM

Worked later than usual last night, and balked at the thought of cooking, so headed over to Dolce Vita for some shaved brussel sprouts, fried baby artichokes and ricotta with strawberries and mushrooms (that’s what I said), and maybe, some of their fabulous pizza. But like so many other Houston establishments, it was closed on a Monday night, and my heart sank when I saw the empty lot. Not even a valet standing around. So sad.

Until I thought of the newish Brazilian Pizza place called Piola’s, located not far away in Midtown at 3201 Louisiana (thanks again, smart phone). We walked into the Romper Room of a dining area, bejeweled with primary colors on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, globes of color everywhere, right into the bar which runs along the right side of the entrance hall, clean up to the door. HELLO LIQUOR LICENSE! We joined the smart looking people enjoying bar and table and ordered martinis. Hard day.

The menu made me tear up. Piola’s makes pizza their way. You won’t find a list of ingredients with a headline that says “Make Your Own!” But the combos they have come up with were all so delicious sounding, that we became overwhelmed and ordered some meatballs so as not to appear indecisive. The meatballs were….well I don’t curse anymore, but they were awesome. Specifically the chunky seasoned tomatoes they were rocking out in. A side of four slices of crusty bread helped with the sauce.

Unable to decide, we flipped out and ordered American-y pizzas, Italian sausage and porcini mushrooms for him (Firenz), ham, mushrooms and artichokes for me (Capricciosa). Bacon roll with gorgonzola cheese? Anchovies and capers? Ricotta with smoked salmon? Next time. The 12 inch pizzas are super thin crust and baked in a fiery oven very fast, served smoking hot and delicious. Cut in four pieces, the first piece was crackly, molten goodness. But by the time I picked up the second piece, the crust was already limper and less crispy. This is not a take out pizza. What a lovely night. And I have two more pieces of Capricciosa to look forward to for lunch. Heated in a toaster oven of course.

Piola, Famosi per la Pizza. It’s a chain. Visit them in Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Honduras, Turkey and Chile. Yea, I’m a new fan.


  1. DoobieWah May 10, 2011 08:05 AM

    I walked right by that place last week when I was in the neighborhood taking a class.

    I wound up eating at Brennan's one day and Mai's the next, but this sounds like my kinda pizza.

    It's only 10am but I'm jonesin' for a slice!

    Anchovies and capers?!? Come to papa!

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    1. re: DoobieWah
      Lambowner May 10, 2011 08:15 AM

      Yea, about that pizza, man half was whisper-shouting, "Incoming! Salt bomb!"

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