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May 10, 2011 07:49 AM

Mexican Bakery in Pasadena??

I just moved to Pasadena from the San Fernando Valley and i'm on the hunt for a Mexican Bakery. San Fernando (the city) was littered with great ones, so i'm a bit spoiled and Google hasn't been much help unfortunately.

Anyone know where I can find a decent Concha, Cuerno and fresh baked Birrote?


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  1. There should be a bakery inside Baja Ranch market. I've never been to the Pasadena location, but whenever I'm in the Monrovia location the baked goods smell so good!

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    1. re: crystaw

      you think there's an actual bakery or they just carry mexican baked goods? the markets i've been to buy stuff from a bakery but it doesnt seem to be very fresh.

      1. re: edisking

        I can't vouch for the Pasadena location but the Monrovia location has a bakery section where the items look like they're made in house. The pictures on Yelp look promising:

    2. Have you tried Dona Rosa, at California & Arroyo Parkway?

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      1. re: Jack Flash

        i have. first placed i checked out. dont think they should attach the word "Bakery" to their name. They don't sell any baked goods.

        1. re: edisking

          You don't consider all of the various pastries they sell to be "baked goods?" Then I'm confused as to what constitutes a "baked good."

          1. re: Jack Flash

            maybe i'm thinking of a different place. i'm looking for the sweat breads, specifically those i mentioned, ya know?

            1. re: edisking

              Yes, those things. They sell those at Dona Rosa. They make them right there.


              1. re: Jack Flash

                crap! totally thinking of a different place. i'll check this out today, thanks man!

                1. re: edisking

                  No problem. Hope you like it! I know that lots of the Mexi-groceries in the area also sell pan dulce, but I'm not aware of any that make them in-house. Might have to go east and/or south to find one.

      2. Not in Pasadena, per se, but if you go south and west a bit on Huntington Drive there's this great Mexican bakery, El Aguila, that has everything you are looking for.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          now that's what i'm talking about! i head down to the costco there in alhambra, looks like it's not that much further... thank you!!

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Well, I got the "south" part right!

              1. re: edisking

                Get there early. They sell ouf of the good stuff by midday, esp. on the weekends.