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May 10, 2011 07:36 AM

Which part of the squid is this?

Picked this up at a restaurant in Chinatown yesterday - Squid with Mustard Greens. Got it to go so couldnt' ask the waitress - are these just the tips of the tentacles or what? There were no rings. It was firm without being tough or chewy. BTW that's a salad or dessert plate, not a full size dinner plate, just so the size isn't misleading.

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  1. That is the body of the squid. It was scored in a crosshatch pattern to hasten cooking time by exposing more flesh to the heat and cooking medium, resulting in that curled design.

    1. I think that's sections of the squid body, scored in a crosshatch pattern so they curl.

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        Thanks to both of you. I guessed wrong.

      2. Interesting. I once had squid like that in Chinese food and was wondering the same thing. It was much more flavorful than the rings and tentacles I was used to. I always thought the rings came from the body (the cone shaped tube). Is that not the body? As pictured the pieces were solid with nodules.

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          The squid's body is a tube. When you've had rings, they were cut off leaving the tube shape intact.

          With this approach, the tube is opened by cutting lengthwise. The resulting rectangle is then scored in the crosshatch pattern, then cooked. The nodules result from the crosshatching.

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            Thanks, I figured they were part of a giant squid tentacle or something.

        2. Many people are used to seeing/eating "market squid", usually around 10/lb. The squid in the picture may be "Humbolt (sp?) Squid", common size ~30-40 lbs each. Could have been cuttlefish too.

          1. I have the exact same plates.