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May 10, 2011 07:18 AM

Bangor/Silverdale, Washington

(Cross-post from Greater Seattle)
Okay, I'm going to be at Kitsap Naval Base next week for a conference and I'm interested in any local good quality eateries - I'm not looking uber upscale as such, we're a bunch of Soldiers so the budget is not unlimited.
But some place that the locals would recommend both for good food and as an example of what is nice about there area... IOW, not Applebees or Olive Garden.

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  1. Yes I think this board is okay as you are going a short ferry ride from Seattle.

    Silver City Restaurant and Brewery in Silverdale is awesome.

    1. I was stationed there twice but it's been a while. I know the Yacht Club on the south side of Sdale was really good at one time, and if you don't mind chains there is a Famous Dave's BBQ. The spicy sausage is killer. I'll check with some of my contacts still in the area and get the skinny for ya.

      Famous Dave's
      1901 S 72nd St, Tacoma, WA 98408

      1. FYI there is a large multi-year thread for food in the kitsap area here:

        Here's some of what I found, with my comments added. The first two I remember eating at and can say I'd go there again, especially Tizleys.

        *Tizley's EuroPub* - Poulsbo, Front Street - essentially above Sluy's Bakery (pronounced "Sly's") has the best Wienerschnitzel this side of...well...Vienna...and a Guinness...

        Whiskey Creek Steak House - Keyport. Decent steaks and great service.

        Silverdale: Bahn Thai - Best Thai the reviewer found in Kitsap; "the chicken-fried rice is incredible";

        Silver City Brewery. They have pretty good food and often really good beer.

        Campana's - reviewer said the place was dirty; I recall the pizza was good but have not been there in years.

        Bahn Thai Restaurant
        9811 Mickelberry Rd NW, Silverdale, WA 98383

        18928 Front St NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370

        Whiskey Creek Steak House
        1918 Washington St, Port Townsend, WA 98368

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          Campana's makes me so angry. They are a long time Kitsap institution that is now in its second generation. The food is outstanding but the service leaves so much to be desired that I can't possibly go back. On my last visit the server realized that she had put our pizza on the wrong table, went and picked it up off that table, then offered it to us with a third of the pie missing. The best part is that she ws taken aback when we refused the pizza. Someone told me that she was the owners sister but I don't know for sure.

          Again, the food is fantastic, I just can't stand being treated like an inconvenience when I am paying for a meal.

        2. From a trusted friend of mine who is local...

          Silver City Brewery—they do their own beer well
          Hakata’s Japanese food
          Panda Garden Chinese in B’ton
          Aladdin’s in S’dale-mediterranean