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May 10, 2011 07:07 AM

Last meal (in Dallas) before leaving the US for 2 years

I need some ideas for a great meal in Dallas. My mom is going to the Peace Corp for 2.5 years, and her last stop in the US before departing is Dallas. We'd like to take her and about 10 others for a lovely meal to celebrate her departure. Expense isn't an issue, but dress code is -- we'll have some teenagers and mom won't have the wardrobe for someplace really dressy. I like the idea of a fantastic steak, since she's going to a coastal location. Rather keep it on the Dallas side of the metroplex. Thanks for your thoughts!

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    1. I bet you could go to Bailey's Prime Plus and as long as no one is in flip flops and a tee shirt, dress won't be a problem.

      <<since she's going to a coastal location.>>
      Where is she going?

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      1. re: Scagnetti

        She's going to Cameroon! Not sure about the food situation there...

        1. re: mtbwustl

          I probably be hittin up all the Asian food since in equitorial Western Africa I doubt very highly there are any Asian foods.

          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            She's asian, so she'll cook that for herself no matter where she lives.

      2. If she's going to Cameroon, I'd make sure she got a really great burger with fries and ice tea. I doubt if any of that's available where she's going.

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        1. re: twinwillow

          We'll make sure she gets plenty of burgers, iced tea and ice cream while she's here.

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            Bingo... when I lived in Asia for a while it was burgers and pizza that I missed the most. So whatever is 'home food' is what she'll probably be craving after a few months away.

            1. re: amokscience

              Yup! Whenever I return from Europe all I want is a great cheeseburger, crisp fries and, ICE TEA!
              Ice tea is totally unknown in the western world other than the USA.

          2. If it were my last meal in Dallas, I'd go to Tei-An. You can dress up, but you don't have to. That's a large party, so you'd need a reservation in advance. I've made a relatively large reservation two weeks ahead.

            1722 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201

            1. One option is Fearing's. It's kind of dressy, but Dean has said "No Dress Code," and they mean it. The last time I was there, there was a guy in a house coat and slippers walking around. The waiter says he lives in the condos and comes down like that sometimes. Likewise, I've seen folks in cutoff shorts and T-shirts. Apparently, working at the Mansion with a restrictive dress code left a bad taste in the chef's mouth. So in response he's gone to the opposite extreme, which I rather am in favor of. Awfully good food, too.

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              1. re: Mike C. Miller

                I didn't know that! Love it ... I want to see the guy in the bunny slippers.