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May 10, 2011 06:38 AM

Bufalo Mozzarella Tours near Amalfi?

Ciao Chows,

We will be in Sorrento, Positano and Ravello the week of June 3 to 10 and would love to pay a visit to a Bufalo Mozzarella producing farm. We have a farm in Ontario and have, perhaps foolishly, dreamt of trying to produce some for ourselves.

Does anyone know who might offer tours that is relatively close to any of these towns? I see some in Paestum and Caserta but wondered if there were any near Salerno or Cava de Terrini?

Any help wopuld be appreciated.


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  1. As far as I know, Paestum is the nearest area for cheese made from buffalo milk; it is not far from the city of Salerno. There is public transport to Paestum from Amalfi Coast towns. To reach the farms you would likely need a taxi, however.

    These are but two of the farms that you might visit:



    Closer to Ravello/Postitano would be the cheese-making center of Agerola, famed for cow's milk mozzarella. Does that interest you at all?

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      If you go to the Paestum temple site - which is one of the most magnificent things to see anywhere and worth a visit on its own account - there is a buffalo mozzarella establisment/farm right outside the gates (near the Nettuno) . The store/factory was closed when we were there (lunchtime) but I managed to drive down next to the "pasture". before we got shooed away - they are truly massive beasts!

      Erica I know Seliano - are the two you named the ones mentioned in Capalbo's book?
      Heres a link to an article about Vannullo. I see stuff about tours out of Sorrento on the web but it looks expensive. You might be happier writing some of the farms since you probably want a less superficial look than a tour would give about what's involved in bufala farming and the cheesemaking.

      thought I heard but maybe wrongly that someone was making buffalo milk products in VT. Hopeful if so.

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        Thanks jen and erica! Chowers are the best...

        I have just sent an email off to Vannulo to see about a visit. I also found a service that offers tours from Positano but they are 250e for the day so we will maybe catch bus and then a cab to the farm.

        Thanks for the advice about Paestum as we were going to skip it but will definitely go on your rec.


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          Jen: Both of those farms are listed in Capalbo's book. I had read about Vannulo first in this book by Faith Willinger:

          I forgot to mention above that, a few years ago, I visited a caseificio very close to Paestum; if you go in the morning you can watch the cheese-making process (I arrived around noon which was too late, but I did buy some remarkable cheeses!) They do use buffalo milk, though.


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            On another note, I had posted a question about restaurants near the Vatican that may be open on June 2, Republic Day but have no responses as yet. Do either of you have any idea who may or may not be open? I was wanting to book for L'Arcangelo but they are closed.

            Thanks again,

            Via G. G. Belli 59/61, Rome, Lazio 00193, IT

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              you are better off bumping that post up - rome folks arent necessarily going to look at this. and they will have a better grip on whether restaurants are closed on that day. You can also look at the restaurant board - put in Vatican in the first search box and Rome,IT in the second - it will give you a list of restaurants in the area, and the data provided if you drill down may included closing days.

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                Settembrini, which is just a bit further from the Vatican than L'Arcangelo, doesn't get much play on this board, but it's well liked by many of the Italian (by Italians) food blogs I read and in more or less the same category.

                It would surprise me if it closed for Republic Day, but then I'm surprised that L'Arcangelo does.

                Via G. G. Belli 59/61, Rome, Lazio 00193, IT

                Via Luigi Settembrini, 25, Rome, Lazio , IT

        2. The state road straight south from Battipaglia (exit off the Salerno-ReggioCalabria autostrada) to Paestum is lined with mozzarella producers, inc. bufala. The area itself is forgettably flat and intensively farmed (and commercial) but if you've a car, there are lots of choices. Other CH posters are providing specific choices, so enjoy. Battipaglia might be a useful jumping off point--reachable by bus and train, and a place you can, if need be, hire a taxi: distances from here are not great.

          1. Here's a fascinating site (in Italian) covering the cheesemakers of Paestum-Battipaglia.