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May 10, 2011 03:16 AM

Cheese Board pie?

Has anyone tried pie that cheeseboard pizza has been serving for the last few months? They charge $6.50 for a small individual pie (bigger than a small slice, but I've definitely had slices in that range, and never paid $6.50 for them, not at Tartine, not anywhere.) I gave in and tried strawberry-rhubarb once and was totally underwhelmed. But it was pretty early for strawberries, and it is the cheeseboard, so I figured I'd ask around before I give up on the pies forever. Have any of the other pies been better? Amazing? Worth $6.50?

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  1. I got one a few weeks ago that was really excellent. It included cherries and something else--apple if I remember right. $6.50 seemed a fair price and I'm sure I'll buy more of their pies, especially if they involve cherries.

    A similar less expensive option I discovered recently is the cherry tart at Toot Sweets. They're smaller than the Cheese Board pies, but one will make a small bite dessert for two. The cherry filling is fabulous. Tasted like they put some almond extract in it. The crust is just a little star on top, but it all works. I think they're $4.50.

    Toot Sweets
    1277 Gilman St, Albany, CA

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      Just before it closed for vacation during the first week of August, I bought the pie o' the day .... ginger peach blueberry. I liked it a lot and would buy one again. It had a real home-made feel with a little of the filling bubbling over the top.

      I love buttery crusts and this is uber-buttery. There was a nice filling to crust ratio and the fruit had the taste of fresh from the farmers market. The ginger must have been fresh as it was very muted ... almost missing.

      In a good restaurant, I'd pay $6.50 or more for a piece of pie. It is on the small size, large for one and not really sharable by two. I still might prefer Beckmann's, but I need to try one again. Their small pies are in the same price range but theres a lot more pie.

      Hope Cheeseboard has pumpkin in the fall.

    2. DF advisory:
      The BLUEBERRY-RHUBARB pie was the awesome. It's certainly reasonable to split in 2, making it $3.25/serving (I think they are charging tax on this now ... give unto Caesar).

      1. I've had a couple of the apple cherry. They are very good. The crust is very buttery and there is lots of it, which is the way I like it.