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May 10, 2011 02:45 AM

tex mex breakfast

I haven't lived in Austin in over ten years, since grad school. Looking forward to my visit coming up. Especially anticipating mex breakfast, migas, or just breakfast tacos. WIll be staying at UT conference hotel. Any awesome breakfast tacos near campus? WIll be heading to Barton Springs so tacos near Barton Springs Rd or off South 1st would be great as well.
I wanted to go to Spider House at some point, where I did a lot of reading and goofing off. I see they have breakfast tacos now--any good?

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  1. Although I wouldn't order anything else at Maudie's (south Lamar location) I think the migas are pretty good. With a side order of potatoes and corn tortillas.

    1. Arturo's (i believe is the name) is close by there. Haven't been in about 6 years, but i recall them having a pretty solid breakfast.