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May 10, 2011 02:12 AM

Urgent: Mizutani or Kanesaka?

I have managed to get a reservation for 4 to Mizutani. However, my hotel concierge is saying that there is no English speaking staff at Mizutani. Should I change for Kanesaka if I don't speak Japanese?


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  1. I'd say yes, absolutely. Interaction with the guy behind the counter is a very important part of the experience, more than in other kinds of restaurants, so I think a sushi chef who speaks at least a little English is vital.

    Also, when I was at Mizutani there were only ten seats, so a party of four who don't speak Japanese kind of drains the energy from the rest of the room, too. (I haven't been since they've moved, and it might be bigger now, but I doubt that it's much bigger.)

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      Thinks... in the balance of the sushi Mizutani are more discreet, brief English,  and for the sushi Kanesaka the assistant is more engaging conversation. 
      More a 'watch' for the sushi Mizutani.. More a 'fill for the blanks' for the sushi Kanesaka...
      Even with this description, it doesn't change a thing, the masters do great care of the fish ingredients and put them in wood boxes to avoid to dry...

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        I was wondering about the price difference between Mizutani and the top menu at Kanesaka. is Kanesaka's most expensive dinner option not ca. 50% more expensive than Mizutani? this is how it was last time I checked.

      2. mizutani's english is effectively non existant

        1. Thank you all for your quick replies. I've changed my reservations now to Kanesaka.