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May 10, 2011 01:46 AM

Korean Grocery in Fort Worth?

Hey all,

I'm finally moving back to Fort Worth after being in exile for the past 11 years and was wondering if there are any good Korean grocery stores in the area. I have to make sure I can satisfy my kimchie fix from time to time.

There use to me a market south of Camp Bowie, maybe around Williams and Bangor? It's been awhile so I might be a street or two off. All I know is it was very popular with the Korean nationals who use to be associated with Carswell AFB back in it's hay day.

Also, there was a large area of Korean businesses somewhere NE of DFW ... not exactly sure on that area but I think I'm correct.

I'm mainly looking for my own supplies rather than a restaurant, but I do remember some of the markets did have small kitchen areas with even smaller counter space and would cook up some great food!

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  1. It's not in Ft Worth, but Super H mart in Carrollton is a mega Korean store. They have a kimchi department (like a deli section in a western store) where they have a variety of fresh house-made kimchis and various jarred kimchis too. Their produce section is awesome as well - all sorts of Asian greens, mushrooms, and strange fruits. The best part is that (unlike some Asian markets) it is impeccably clean and well lit.

    Super H Mart
    2625 Old Denton Rd
    Carrollton, Texas 75007

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      You can get kimchee and some Korean items in Arlington at the Vietnamese grocery store. They sell small jars at central market and some walmarts. I usually make my own in a food grade five gallon bucket that pickles came in.