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May 9, 2011 11:07 PM

VEZELAY, chablis region

Can anybody please let me know what there is to do in Vezelay and in the Chablis area?
I have been to Chablis before but just for a couple of hours passing through whilst the markets where on and wish to return to the area. Is there any other good markets on in the area on Sundays?

I am after foodie/wine and cool things to see



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  1. http://www.les-plus-beaux-villages-de...


    Around Vezelay, there are very interesting archeological sites, the info of which you can easily find on line, or you can go to the office du tourisme of Vezelay and ask for info on them.

    Restaurants. Two very different animals, the former very recherché chef-of-chefs stuff, the latter very downhome, both with farm-fresh ingredients:
    - Ferme de la Ruchotte
    - Auberge de Bazoches

    1. We had a couple of excellent meals at Hotel des Fleurs, just down he road from Vezelay in 2010.

      Don't know when/where their markets are but Auxerre is a lovely town and worth a visit. The cheese village of Epoisses is also not far from Vezelay.

      1. We’ve enjoyed two nice dinners at “Hotel les deux Ponts,” , in the hamlet of Pierre-Perthuis, just south east of Vezelay, and we look forward to returning this fall. This small hotel/restaurant is run by a young couple, Philippe and Marianne Bariteau — he’s French, and the Chef; she, originally from the Netherlands, runs the hotel. The dining room is quite elegant in a pleasant and simple way. -- Jake

        1. May I suggest that you find yourself a good guidebook or two?

          I totally get asking Hounds for resto recommendations, but for the rest of it, you'd be well-served to get your hands on a guidebook or two. It would give you all the great things to do and see that YOU might be interested in, not just the things that a group of strangers who have know idea what your interest might be are recommending.

          The DK Eyewitness series is excellent, as is the Michelin Green Guide.

          And don't worry if you don't want to buy a new one -- anything published in the last 5 years will be close enough to current to suit your needs.

          Even spending some quality time at -- which is the official site of the French Ministry of Tourism -- will give you more things to do and see than you can ever actually do in a few days' time.

          And will give you restaurants (including starred properties) for any location in the country.

          It's your trip -- and you're spending a non-inconsequential amount of time and money -- do yourself the favor of picking out what is important for *you*.

          You can even check something out of the library and just make photocopies of the pages for the areas you want to see.

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            In addition to sunshine's rec of guidebooks, etc.(we especially like the Green Guide), you may want to check David Downie's specialty "Terroir" guide, "Food Wine Burgundy" (2010), which describes lots of places that may interest you. Re Sunday markets, he lists (on p. 433) only four in all of Burgundy -- the one nearest to Vezelay (20+ km?) being in Quarre-lesTombes. And he lists a Sunday market in Chablis as well. -- Jake

            1. re: Jake Dear

              Vezelay is a lovely town to stroll through. Take the streets that lead up to the top of the hill where you will find the abbey-church of La Madeleine. Also very good views of the area from the hilltop.