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May 9, 2011 10:58 PM

Melbourne for Nice Late Lunch or Afternoon High Tea on Monday?

I'm going to Melbourne this Saturday for the 1st time on a short business trip :). I will have a free time on Monday between 3 to 5 pm for late lunch or maybe an afternoon high tea time... Can anyone recommend me for a nice wonderful restaurant (Italian or French preferred or any creative modern food suggestions are welcome), which open until late for lunch?? I know, any fine dining like Vue De Monde/Embrasse/Attica/Jacques Reymond will be closed in that hours :( Please kindly suggest me for anything wonderful, which closed to that category (if I'm not dreaming! LOL) - is there any? Or any wonderful tea room for afternoon high tea in the city that you all can suggest? As my schedule is pretty tight, I prefer anything that not so far from the hotel I stay, Grand Hyatt.

Any sugeestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for your kind help!! Look forward to hearing from you all the realiable Chowers soon! :)

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  1. You should be able to eat a late lunch at Cumulus.

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    1. re: kersizm

      Monday is closing day for many restaurants.

      Cumulus is your best bet and it is close to your hotel. I think City Wine Bar is all day as well, and that is just around the corner - lots of wine by the glass and simple but good meals.

      1. re: mr_gimlet

        Thank you for the replies kersizm and mr_gimlet! Can you suggest any wonderful place for afternoon high tea others than in a hotel? Or any awesome places for great desserts?

    2. Btw, I'm on the waitlist for this Saturday dinner for 2 since last Monday @Attica, Jacques Reymond and Vue De Monde... do you think I still have the hope to get one? :( While actually when I checked last time, Embrasse still has availability - how do you compare Embrasse with the other mentioned? I appreciate your kind advices! :)

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        kersizm really likes Embrasse, I haven't been. It isn't in the same league as the big three hatters but it's pretty good, there are lots of options in that bracket but its as good as any to try.

        Attica, JR, VdM - I'd normally say no chance although there is a bit of flu around.

        Desserts - Burch&Purchese and Le Petit Gateau for any time, Cafe Rosamond Friday night is dessert night but no bookings and be prepared to wait. High tea in the Windsor, Langham etc are all lovely but you are paying for the ambience not the product.

        1. re: mr_gimlet

          I have been to Embrasse a number of times. Had a really good meal there last week, in fact, except dessert fell a little flat. It wasn't up to Nic's normal standard, in my view... it was good but I would have preferred a slice of tart that he does for Sunday lunch.

          You could try Cutler & Co for Saturday dinner but if you are going to Cumulus for a late lunch on Friday you might overload on McConnell!

          1. re: kersizm

            Oowwwmy!! Finally I couldn'get any table at Embarsse for this Saturday dinner either! I tried Nobu, and same thing! :( Can you suggest any other places with more hopes, please? If have to choose between Cutler & Co, Maze and Florentino Grossi, which one is better with better chance? Btw mr_G, I checked Burch&Purchese website - seems awesome - I'll definitely check the place! :)

            1. re: luvylux

              If I were a visitor, I wouldn't go to either Maze or Florentino, even if I could get in. Florentino cellar is OK for a good pre-theatre pasta but not an evening. Cutler and Co is in the 'no chance' bracket.

              So: French - Libertine might have space, as might France-Soir. Libertine is quite smart, FS is bistro.

              And then no bookings places. You could move Cumulus to Saturday evening. Then there is Boire in Collingwood - wine bar with food but pretty good (but only if you are a drinker).

              Left field: what about Momo? I bet the concierge could get you in as it is in the Hyatt building.

              1. re: luvylux

                You could try Ezard, Coda, Pearl, Circa, Matteos. The last 3 are a short taxi trip from the city. Don't like your chances at this late stage but you never know!

              2. re: kersizm

                Had a great Sunday lunch at Embrasse yesterday, highly recommended. Cheese was a little expensive (we slotted in an extra course) but overall great value and no shortage of food.

                1. re: mr_gimlet

                  Glad you enjoyed it Mr G, especially since I have been singing Nic's praises!

                  1. re: kersizm

                    Yes, you persuaded me to go. Needed a fixed price lunch replacement for Libertine and we were looking for something open Sunday.

          2. This may be too late for you luvylux, but in case anyone else is interested, I love Dolls at the Mount Doll Museum and Tea House in Heidelberg (54 Mount Street, Heidelberg - (03) 9457 3356). It's a tiny little place, and yes, it is a doll museum too. It's unassuming, unpretentious, nothing super fancy, but makes possibly the BEST home made scones and raspberry jam that I've ever tried! HIGHLY recommend it to anyone after a devine afternoon tea, and definately call ahead to make a booking!