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May 9, 2011 10:00 PM

Wedding in Littleton...where to eat?!

I don't know much about this town but it seems pretty rustic (I live in LA) hehe...

I'm positive there are some quaint, interesting and delicious places to eat in the area. But where?! I'm open to all cusines and price points.

If you also have a lodging suggestion please let me know bc all I'm discovering are Hampton Inns and RV rentals...!! I figured like-minded people who care about food, definetly care about where they sleep :)

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  1. Rustic? :-\

    Can you be more specific as to the area you're looking at? "Littleton" is a stretch that runs about 15 miles along the southern edge of the city. Also, do you have a party size in mind?

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      Best restaurant in town is Opus in downtown Littleton.Not surprising that all you find are mid-range chain lodgings. Historic downtown was largely largely surroundeed by grazing land unltil well into the 20th century. Development in that area is housing, office parks and shopping centers. If you takeBelleview Ave/ Hwy 88 east from the north end of Littleton, you get to the Denver Tech Center. which has a Marriot and others,

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        Opus is excellent, and an obvious choice. But, there are other potentials, too, depending on what they're looking for.

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          Thanks everyone for your replys!

          It will be me and another person traveling together to the Mountain state for the wedding so not a large party. I heard that Opus was delicious--any dishes you reccomend? I just want to make the most of my trip to Colorado and eating is always my #1 priority haha...

          Bummed about the lodging situation though! I for sure thought there would be something like a cabin in a ghost town or something hahaha...shows how much I know! :)

          1. re: Deidre7

            Well, you might find more interesting lodging if you are willing to drive a little bit, up into Morrison or Evergreen or Conifer? I don't know what is out there, but something along 285, maybe? It shouldn't be too far, but would get you into the hills a little. But yeah, if you are talking Littleton, you're talking typical suburbia.

            1. re: LurkerDan

              I'm fine with venturing even an HOUR outside to stay somewhere proper! hAHAHA...An hour Los Angeles time = driving 15 I'm more than happy to drive an open road for that long instead of being stuck in traffic :) FOR BOTH FOOD AND LODGE!

              I'm getting very excited about my trip :) Thanks for all your feedback.

              1. re: Deidre7

                Well, I don't know that area super well, and living here I'm also not staying in hotels. But if nobody else chimes in, search for places to stay in Conifer, Morrison, maybe Evergreen. Morrison will be the closest, but I am sure that in the Conifer vicinity you can find some very rustic cabins or a nice B&B, something that says "mountains" and "rural". And of course google maps is your friend when it comes to figuring out the driving distance between whatever you find and wherever you're headed.

                Sorry that I can't be more specific, maybe someone else closer has some ideas.

                A quick search showed the following places -- that I know nothing about -- so I'm sure there are more.

                1. re: LurkerDan

                  Thank you much Dan! Very helpful and will update you all on my trip when I'm there! Have a great day :)

                  1. re: Deidre7

                    Some friends stayed at this B&B in Conifer last weekend and found it outstanding! And it's got a winery attached. And I had brunch there, and it was pretty darn good. The owner is a very friendly Swiss guy. 30 minutes to Littleton.


                    I moved to Littleton last year from Chicago, and I'm finding the area to be a chow wasteland. Mostly, I have to drive into Denver for anything decent. I do affirm the Opus rec, however. I had the tasting menu a couple weeks ago, and was very happy.

                    Toast is down the street from Opus. It's got some fun breakfast items.

                    Something fast is Pickle's Deli, attached to a huge liquor store called Tipsy's Liquor World. They cure their own pastrami, and such. It's on the western edge of Littleton.

            2. re: Deidre7

              For lodging, if you are willing to drive to Evergreen, try Highland Haven. ( Another option for charm and Colorado history, and probably will within that one-hour travel time, would be The Peck House in Empire, just off I-70. (

              Peck House
              83 Sunny Dr, Golden, CO 80403

      2. We're from LA originally and found a hotel chain we love called Element by Westin. Nicely designed rooms, modern, spotless. They have one not far from Littleton in Lone Tree. Also, for food, try Bang on 32nd St., Denver. Best we found. It will make you happy.

        Lone Tree Bar
        , Box Elder, MT 59521