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May 9, 2011 09:46 PM

Oyster season is officially over in Dallas.

At Pappadeaux for lunch today, we were told oyster season (as we know it) was officially over because all they could offer us were the "Gold Band" pasteurized oysters at $12.95 a dozen.
If thats what they're going to charge this summer, hopefully they'll at least bring in the Malpeques as they've done in previous summers.

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  1. Half priced oysters for happy hour at Oceanaire is a good bet. The rest of the restaurant seems to have gone a bit downhill since the Landry's takeover, but the oysters are still good. The risk of vibrio, albeit tiny, has almost completely kept me away from raw Gulf Coast oysters eaten outside the coastal zone/winter months for some time, and the pasteurized ones are just not good.

    There are a couple of good online vendors where you can buy dozens for a reasonable rate (much better than the 3 week old specimens they sell at Central Market for $2.50 per) if you don't mind shucking. Rowan Jacobsen's is a great resource.

    I ate at Neptune Oyster in Boston last week, and are we ever missing out (the Peacock Coves were unbelievable). I wonder if Dallas could support an true oyster house like that?

    1. Rex's has great oysters all be it quite pricey. They are all north eastern US.

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          Yes among others. Not cheap but they are very fresh and very tasty. We were planning to hit the wine tasting at Pappas but alas no open spots. I think we are switching from steak to fish and going to Rex's.