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May 9, 2011 09:41 PM

Would you be interested in grilling a whole steer?

From the WSJ:


"When Jeff Bannister, owner of a process-serving company here, decided four months ago to grill a whole steer, he was prepared for challenges.

It was expensive—the steer alone, skinned and butterflied, cost about $2,000—and at 863 pounds, it took six men to heave it out of the slaughterhouse and onto a truck. The grill, which Mr. Bannister and friends designed, required a 14-foot-long rack, a three-ton chain hoist and tube steel buried five feet in 3,000 pounds of concrete. The weather report for the all-night, April cookout predicted torrential rain and possible tornados.

Then the steer caught on fire. "


Read about it here (with pictures):

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  1. There's a thread created by the "griller" over on home cooking. He has his own website up about it.

    Very impressive!