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Best Mille-feuille in Paris

I am looking for the best in Paris any suggestions?


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  1. I cannot imagine a topic about which it could be any more fun to conduct your own research.

    1. Don't know if it's the "best", but it's the one I like the best, and it's found at Tholoniat 47 rue du château d'eau in the 10th. If you go, you shoud try the "Tholoniat", the eponymous semifreddo that is to die for, and from.

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        Her chocolate nougat is great and incredibly beautiful as well.

      2. Dominique Saibron, rue d'Alésia ; Carl Marletti, rue Censier ; Au Pain de Sucre, rue Rambuteau.

        1. Guy Savoy > Jacques Genin > Pierre Herme - IMO.


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            My husband requested (in French) a Napoleon at Gerard Mulot. The woman behind the counter looked really perplexed. My husband started to describe what a Napolean was and then saw one and pointed. She started laughing and said in French that it was a "millefeuille". She must have thought, why is this guy talking about Napoleon!

          2. I never liked them at all until I had one at Jacques Genin. It was a life-altering experience.

            1. I love this question---please report back!!!

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                A few years ago I did my own research on this very question, eating a millefeuille at probably 15 different places. Of course, with everything, personal taste is a huge part of "best" anything, but one thing that's a must for a good one is crisp pastry, so first and formost, it has to be super fresh. This isn't always the case with a millefeuille bought in a bakery and it makes all the difference. I recommend asking when the millefeuille was constructed before buying. For example, I bought one at Julien (r.St. Honore) that was the single best piece of pastry I've ever eaten. The pastry cream was smooth and not gelatanous, not too sweet, shatteringly crisp pastry, and a lovely layer of very sweet icing on top, which I adore. I ate half and saved the rest, which was still crisp as a late night snack. I went back a few days later for another sublime treat and was severely disappointed to find that this one wasn't crisp at all. I suspect it was made the day before and sat in the case. It wasn't even worth eating. I learned to ask when it was made, which was a question sometimes met with disdain but I asked anyway. Au Pain de Sucre had a wonderful one, not as sweet as Julian's but excellent.

                J Genin's were amazing, made fresh just for you. Outrageously expensive but worth it. The vanilla was my favorite but the chocolate one was also to die for. I also very much enjoyed the one at CJ Dumonet, also made right before serving (as most will be that are served in restaurants) and HUGE.
                Please do report back!

              2. Senderens

                Moulin de la vierge



                and what the others said (esp Saibron, Génin)

                1. Senderens, Génin are my favorites.
                  Pichard is the best value when you get them fresh (must be lucky for that). Used to like Secco's millefeuilles but I noticed a huge drop in quality about 1-2 years ago.

                  Any pâtisserie that makes a good pâte feuilletée should be OK, but freshness is of the essence, and that's why Génin and restaurants millefeuilles will most often be better than others.

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                    I wish I liked Genin's pastry cream, since the layers are shatteringly perfect, but I find the cream too dense.