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May 9, 2011 09:10 PM

Coastal Road Trip...San Diego up to Portland..

September road trip...stopping in Montecito/SB..SF..Sonoma and up the coast to Portland, Oregon..
Loved to hear your fave local places..

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. BC: if you've looked a map, you'll know which parts of your trip will be on 1 and which on 101, because there are many options available. In some areas the highways share the same roadbed, in others, they're 50 or 60 mile and a mountain range apart!. Are you going to stick to the coast at all (time) costs --that's a long slow haul, but worth it scenery-wise if you have the time. Roads are often just two lanes, and s-l-o-w--or are you going up 101 from The City to Oregon border (which is also slow--it's a really just a case of slow, or slower)

      So if you do just a bit of preliminary work, you can provide the kind of details that we can respond more precisely to.

      Or were you asking us to design a trip (stops, routes) for you?

      (and don't dismiss the search feature entirely--I've found some real gems and gotten a good feel for unknown territory by checking out discussions already found there)

      My recs are Pezzini Farms between Monterey and Watsonville for fresh artichokes, and Sushi on the Run in Aptos, along Soquel Ave, just off 1 at State park exit. IIRC, there is a great farmer's market in Eurkea and in Fort Brqgg. Mendo is all touristy, and there's not much in Crescent City, unless you're craving deep fried frozen. IIWY, I'd search CC because there has been just one place that's finally gotten a good rec, but ICR. Not much chow AT ALL along the north coast, so pack snacks.

      1. re: toodie jane

        Hi toodie!
        Since I've never been up past Marin on the 1/101, I am letting the food dictate my route..
        Prefer the coast route and since this is a road trip, slow is all good.
        Just thought I would throw out this post to see if there is great little gems along the way..
        Thank's for the rec's!

        FireFly..thank you for 'The Girl and the Fig'...staying in Sonoma on the way home so this will be perfect!

        1. re: toodie jane

          Since Highway 1 will reopen though Big Sur on 6/10, you can stop at the few places along that stretch of the Coast Road. Deetjen's Big Sur Inn has good food in a quaint setting (very iconic redwood dell) and Big Sur Bakery has sweet and savory goods. Farther up in the Monterey area, there are loads of good coffee shops and taquerias in the Monterey-to-Marina area. Good farmer's markets, too.

          Sweet Elena's Bakery & Cafe
          465 Olympia Ave, Seaside, CA 93955

          Big Sur Bakery
          47540 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920

          Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting Co
          Ocean Ave, Carmel, CA 93923

      2. BC, I’m not much help, but I can think of two that I’ve actually been. First, maybe Mendo Bistro in Fort Bragg just north of Mendocino. It’s been 5 years or so but I had some memorable ribs there. (Me: “Will I get enough meat?” Waitress: “Oh, you’ll get plenty of meat!”) They had a tasty blackberry BBQ sauce. It’s on the 2nd floor of what used to be a department store building (it seems – I dunno really.) I’m no help for further north.

        And if you mentioned Sonoma, and I always think of The Girl and the Fig. Just because of the name. I think people dig the place. Dozens of quality places in Sonoma though.

        The Girl & The Fig
        110 West Spain, Sonoma, CA 95442

        Mendo Bistro
        301 N Main St, Fort Bragg, CA 95437

        1. We did a similar coastal Hwy 1 and 101 road trip last fall. Yes, it is slow going in some spots, but so worth it if you have the time.

          A little gem that we stumbled upon was the Old Abalone Pub located in the Westport Hotel in Wesport, CA. It is 17 miles north of Fort Bragg. The hotel has been lovingly restored and is a wonderful place to spend the night. We had one dinner and the Sunday brunch there, both excellent.

          1. Hey, all you North Coast travelers and posters!

            Anyone know the whereabout of Rolf from Rolf's Park Cafe in Orick, near Redwood State Park? Their lease was finally terminated by State Parks some years ago, and I never heard where this fabulous chef and his sons ended up. I heard maybe Arcata, but no one really knew...

            Any updates?

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            1. re: toodie jane

              This is the last I've heard, but it's five and a half years old. Might check to see if his wife still has the shop in Trinidad.


              1. re: toodie jane

                There is a Rolf's Park Cafe & Motel in Trinidad, 265 Idlewood Ln, Trinidad, CA 95570. Can't find any details, could this be who you are looking for?

                1. re: BeefeaterRocks

                  the name is right, but the location for the restaurant is not--though it may have been his home address. Trinidad is well south of the motel and cafe which were within the state park boundary. The only thing left is bits of asphalt parking lot.

              2. Hey now Beach Chick! Did you go!