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May 9, 2011 08:50 PM


Is this where the restaurant Les bouchons de Francois Clerq used to be?

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  1. No, it's where Jean-Baptiste used to be.

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      Refreshing to see you back on the Hound, John. Actually, 12 Rue Hotel Colbert is where one of Les Bouchons de Fran├žois Clerc was a few years back

    2. Bumping the thread as just had lunch and was just great. Memories of Yam'tcha, similar plating and combinations.
      One mignardaise was a soy something that looked like a marshmallow , but in your mouth disappeared in a fraction of a second.
      Would return for that alone.

      Amuses- parmigiano toast
      razor clam with fava bean
      Entree- Heirloom tomoato salad, sounds boring but it was wonderful, used sweet vinegat dressing, suer greens as well.
      Fish plat-Whitefish with spring onions, carrots, baby greens
      Meat plat-Lamb tenderloin with cauliflower, potatoes that were about a centimeter in diameter, gentle anchovy sauce
      Dessert-strawberries and raspberries with five or 6 little additions that were clever but delicious.
      Mignardaise- the above block of soy stuff, choc truffle.
      All far better than this menu sounds.
      Chateldon, buckwheat/green tea
      bottle of Ostertag A360P

      118 euros for 2 without the wine.

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        "All far better than this menu sounds."

        It sounds divine!

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          Delucacheesemonger, one of the finest 1* restaurants in Paris. This makes me miss Europe!

        2. Had a somewhat similar lunch menu to Delucacheesemonger's last week, and agree on it being great. My wife thought this was the best meal of our entire Paris trip. The food itself was 48 Euros per person. Pardon the subpar pics. Will try to conjure up a report for the remaining trip.

          Same amuse of razor clams and parmigiano focaccia toast, both delicious.

          The tomato salad we had had a green zebra tomato sorbet and burrata on it. The sorbet has incredible flavor and very refreshing.

          Thick, meaty squid with thin yielding lardo and an egg sauce was deeply savory. Unique combination.

          The fish dish had perfectly cooked fish, but the dish could have stood alone without the protein. The remaining vegetables seemed like a play on Bras' famous gargouillou, showcasing in all forms. Cold, hot, raw, pureed, glazed, roasted, blanched, etc. all forming a beautiful dish.

          My wife would disagree with me, but I thought the duck dish was not quite as superb as the others. My piece was not cooked quite as well as hers, the fat not rendered enough under the skin, and the meat chewier than hers. The miso and jus sauce was delicious, as was the marble potatoes that somehow tasted more intense in its potato flavor than most. I wonder how they cooked the potato. Cooked in heavily salted water and then roasted?

          Our raspberry and strawberry dessert also had formage blanc. Also great.

          Perfect amount of food, though considering how happy we were with the dishes, I kind of wish we went for the longer menu. That would be on the agenda if we ever make it back to Paris in the near future.

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            Thanks for pics and and better
            Same tomato salad, superb
            Same dessert, also superb