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May 9, 2011 07:31 PM


looking for a replacement. Have not lived in D.C. in 20 yrs. Coming up with family in July. Wide variety of taste. Alot like beef, some would kill fo seafood, and one has decided she is vegitarian. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, along with any sites, not the norm, that we should see.

, Washington, DC 20001

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  1. I guess you didn't like your responses the first time you posted.....

    Blackie's was a hotel restaurant. Owned by Marriott next to the 22nd St. Marriott. So the solution is to check out similar - eat at a Marriott. But it's not the kind of place people are likely to talk about on Chowhound.

    If I had to choose a mediocre 'value' restaurant to satisfy a diverse but not particularly discriminating crowd, I would go to Kramerbooks and Afterwards, a cafe in a bookstore. Good variety on the menu, fairly easy on the wallet, and everything pretty well executed. Like many restaurnats, not much choice for a vegetarian.

    One of my favorites, though not a straight substitute, is Bistro du Coin - a really solid French bistro, bustling and a bit sloppy, with moderate prices. Items I adore are the tartiflette (an Alpine staple with potatoes, cheese, and bacon) and the smoked mackerel salad. You will feel like you're in France.