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May 9, 2011 07:02 PM

Frozen Margarita / Mexican

Being new to the Chicago area, we're having a hard time finding "tex-mex" and a good frozen margarita. Not that we don't enjoy all the great Chicago authentic Mexican offerings (mole's, etc), but sometimes you just get a craving for taco's/fajitas and a frozen margarita - Uncle Julio's just isn't cutting it.

We live in West Town, but are more than willing to drive around the city to find what we're looking for.


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  1. Haven't been yet but just saw this place on Thrilllist and I am definitely going to check it out. It is Cantina 46 in Rivernorth it says. Here is the link:

    1. You just took me back to my first-ever frozen margarita experience at Trudy's in Austin (more years ago than I care to remember).

      1. Pancho Pistolas in Bridgeport on 31st is great. Good fajitas, good magaritas and some outside seating.

        1. Lalo's on a good day might float your boat.

          Nuevo Leon on 18th st.will prolly quench your Tex Mex needs for food in a big way, but they are byob.

          You WILL find a place. Ask your neighbors too. I'd bet you'll find a great joint tucked away not too far.

          Nuevo Leon Restaurant
          1515 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608