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May 9, 2011 05:52 PM

KS hwy 54/56. Dodge City, Hutchinsom,Great Bend,McPherson. Salinas

Following the annual spring migration from AZ to the MidWest.

What CH worthy spots to stop for lunch/dinner along the way. Lots of choices in Wichita, KC, Topeka, etc, but no recent mention of anything between Guymon,OK and on east. Gotta be a few CH worthy spots along this route. There has to be an alternative along the way.

Or do I need to drive around town looking for the pickups parked outside the local favorite? Several years ago, damissus and I drove for several hours north of Wichita, to the state line, on Mother's Day, to find a spot to have a Mother's Day lunch. Ended up in a gas station. Oh Well!

Suggestions pls!

AZ Grandpa

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  1. In Dodge, El Charro or Jalisco for Mexican. Anchor Inn in Hutchinson.

    Anchor Inn
    127 S Adams St, Hutchinson, KS 67501

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      my favorite spot to eat in great bend is 4 legs up bbq. Its just a few blocks off 56/156

    2. Directly east of Hutchinson - in downtown Newton - just before I-135 is The Breadbasket. This is my favorite stop in the area and is an hour away from where my mother-in-law lives - but we get there every trip.

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        Just south of Salina is Renaissance Cafe in Assaria and The Hickory Tree in Smolan. Both are in old two story school houses in the center of each small community. Renaissance is a white table cloth experience, while The Hickory Tree is a bbg buffet. Both are worthy stops in the area. For a roadfood type experience, try the Cozy Inn in downtown Salina.

        Cozy Inn
        108 N 7th St, Salina, KS 67401