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May 9, 2011 04:47 PM

Brunch in Skippack - Hotel Fiesole or Parc Bistro?

Has anyone been to the Sunday brunch at Hotel Fiesole? It's $30.95 pp which includes champagne or a mimosa. Right now, I am torn between the buffet style prix fixe brunch or Parc Bistro, where you can order a la carte from their brunch menu. Would love to hear reviews/comments from my fellow chows. We'll be heading there in a few weeks to celebrate two family birthdays. Thanks.

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  1. haven't had brunch at either but have had dinner at both......and using that as my reference point.....parc bistro wins hands down!!!! never had a bad meal yet at parc bistro....and i also must admit i much prefer al a carte to buffet (except, of course, the thanksgiving day buffet at four seasons!!!!!)

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      Thanks summer. My husband and I are pushing for the a la carte, but the other three want to do the buffet. We had dinner at Parc Bistro on Saturday night and it was wonderful. Second time in a month. Went to the bar at Hotel Fiesole for drinks and dancing as we were celebrating another birthday. Missed my favorite bartender, Timmy. Not sure if he's still there.

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        By all means do Parc Bistro. We've had brunch at both,Bistro wins hands down.Always had an outstanding meal at Parc Bistro. The hotel is fine for drinks and bar food,not so much other fare.
        If you have the time stop at the Grand Fromage cheese shop......fantastic!