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May 9, 2011 04:22 PM

barcelona - menu del dia - born

Hi all,

I am joining my parents in Barcelona for 3 days. I have searched this board and found many great recommendations, but I am looking for good places that offer a menu del dia for lunch. In Spain I am accustomed to wandering around after 12 until I find a place that this like, and sometimes this process takes an hour or more, but undoubtedly my parents will not enjoy this.

Typical menu below 15 euros with 3 courses and a drink. The food can be catalan, basque, molecular, whatever as long as it is Spanish. Please, no tapas or paella places. Preferably in EL BORN as this is where we are based but we're willing to taxi to a great place, or a neighboring district.

Dinners I have planned already thanks to this board :)

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  1. If you don't mind walking over to the other side of the Ramblas, Anima in the Raval has a 2-course menu del dia for 10€ that is an outstanding value. You can always add a third course and still stay within your budget. The cuisine is modern Catalan with mediterranean influences. The execution is not always perfect, but the dishes are always good.

    1. Not many places in El Born that has good menu del dia. Check out Diez and Patxoca to see what they are offering for that day; haven't been to either one in quite awhile; pretty decent the last time I ate there. Menu del dia is not always the way to go; for places in the Eixample such as Sant Joan and Foxos where one can choose from the menu and get out for 15 euros easily. The menu del dia at Goliard is very good. I second SnackHappy's suggestion of Anima in Raval.

      1. I agree with PBSF that menu del dia is not a medium for the Born, which is more of a tapas-hop kind of 'hood.
        And if you are looking for "Typical menu below 15 euros with 3 courses and a drink", it iwill be hard to find anywhere in Barcelona.
        My fave menu del dia place is in Eixample near the Gaudi buildings, not in the Born: La Bodegueta on Rambla de Catalunya 100. Even though it is very reasonably priced, one can't eat 3 courses under 15 euro.

        1. Dilemmalyn,

          You may be staying in the Born but I doubt you'll be in that area around lunchtime. Another place near Passeig de Gracia and the Moderniste buildings is Josephine. It's near the Hotel Majestic. I've been told that it's expensive at dinner but the menu del dia is only 11 euros! For that, you get 3 items with bread, water, wine and dessert. They also have French-styled snacks, like croque monsieur.

          Here's a link in Spanish that describes the place.

          1. Allium, a catalan restaurant that actually in ciutat vell but close to el born, has very good food and interesting, affordable and fresh menus del dia. They focus on local, seasonal foods.
            They post each day's offerings on their facebook page, in the notes section if you want to see the sorts of things they offer.

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              Thanks for the tip, caganer (hee-hee!). Allium looks very interesting. It's going on my list of places to check out, next time I'm there. There are so few good and cheap places in Barri Gòtic.