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May 9, 2011 01:46 PM

Vence with a car what's new in the area?

will be in vence for 3 weeks starting the middle of may. we have a car and aren't afraid to use it. appreciate any suggestions. antibes ,cagnes sur mer ,villefranche ,st paul ,valliuris, biot. any one been to alan llorca's

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  1. It's been some years since I have been to Vence, but places to look into are Le Vieux Couvent and Les Templiers for modern cuisine and Lion d'Or for traditional. We went to Le Chantecler in Nice when Alain Llorca was the chef and it was wonderful, so I'm sure his current venture would be worthwhile. Try Le Jarrier in Biot. Also, check this thread about Jacques Maximin's new bistro in Cros de Cagnes:

    Our dinner at Maximin's former restaurant in Vence was spectacular, so I would expect great things from him.

    1. Well, three weeks will give you plenty of time. You will want to stay away from Cannes, Mougins etc until the film festival is over and to avoid the east of the department during the end of May when the Monaco Grand prix is on. I suggest Les Baccanales near Vence and Les Agapes in Vence. Try both the bistro and the gastro at Bruno Oger's new place in Le Cannet. Certainly try Maximin's new bistro. The young chefs in Nice are always of interest: repeating my usual list: Flaveurs, L'Aphrodite, L'Aromate, Don Camillo, Luc Salsedo, Le Diamant Noir, Keisuke Matsushima. Last week we tried the successor to Millesime 82, Les Deux Chamailles, and were disappointed, but the prices are low. For the east the best are L'Hostellerie Jerome and Mirazur. You might want to go into the Var for Le Relais des Moines in Les Arcs and L'Hostellerie des Gorges de Pennafore.

      1. "antibes ,cagnes sur mer ,villefranche ,st paul ,valliuris, biot"

        Nice, nice,nice, a village with a zillion galleries and no butcher, dumb, nice.

        Did you see the threads related to Vence, listed at the bottom of this page such as
        "Mothers Day meal: French Riviera, Vence?" (17 replies)
        "Report: Vence, Nice and environs" (2 replies)
        "Vence, Nice advice needed" ?

        Elsewhere many of us - esp Menton and Beaulieu - have given a lot of info on the towns you are interested in. Please search those town names and come back with more specific questions.

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          Love Vence. A real town, unlike some of the touristy places like St Paul closeby. Reminds me of the changing sculptures in the roundabout at the Northern entrance to Vence. In 2009 there was a big bird, in 2010 they had a burnt out car sculpture.

          Also the old quarter is pedestrianized and historic, with a lot of good restaurants.

          My favorite roundabout, in a country that takes its roundabouts SERIOUSLY, is the topography sculptures of a guitar and a piano, made of trimmed bushes, at the roundabout entrance to Vallauris. It's a WOW moment.

          There is 1 roundabout for every 5 persons in France!