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May 9, 2011 12:15 PM

Best frozen fish for fish tacos?

Any recs on a decent brand of frozen whitefish, flash frozen, breaded, to be used for lunchtime fish tacos? Yes, I know I know...frozen fish is not the best for fish tacos. Before you get your underwear in a bunch over this decidedly un-foodie proposal, know that I have to cook lunch for 25 people and don't feel like dealing with all that expensive fresh mahi mahi or whatever fish I can get in MD. I'll probably just put it on a cookie sheet and bake til done.

Thanks for any helpful comments! To the critics: please spare me your Long John Silver-esque comments, I've already thought of them all and you're not invited to my party anyways.


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  1. I've made quite tasty ones using good old Gorton's breaded fish sticks. Depending on the size of your tortillas/taco shells - 2 or 3 sticks per taco + your toppings works out just fine.

    1. We once made them with "popcorn fish" from the frozen section, which worked wonderfully. Unfortunately, our grocery store has stopped carrying them! I'm pretty sure they were Gorton's, but they were certainly one of the big two or three brands that are always present in stores here in the midwest (at any rate).

      1. This may call for the Tilapia at Costco (6.99 or 7.99/lb?). Unless you don't think this fish is flaky enough or you think along the lines of this thread...

        1. No hate from me, I make fish tacos like this all the time for weeknight emergency dinners. I love Starfish brand crispy-battered haddock and cod. Both the regular and gluten-free are excellent. To make up for this little cheat, I buy the best corn tortillas I can find (in the refrigerated section, with no stablilizers because the shelf-stable ones have a nasty aftertaste). Oh, and I also use--gasp!--Marie's Creamy Chipotle Garlic dressing (mayo-based and fabulous) mixed with some freshly squeezed lime juice as my sauce for this wonderful non-foodie concoction. For veggies, it's shredded cabbage (in a bag or box, of course, if we are cheating all the way) and shredded carrots. My husband also likes chopped avocado and mango on his.