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May 9, 2011 12:11 PM

big group at mccormick center seeks better than average pub food

we will be at the mccormick center for a convention and have a pretty big group. we are looking for better than average pub food with a good beer selection. we know that we will have to cab it but don't want to go out too far.

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  1. Check out the Publican - great food, great beers. Since the group is big, I think the long tables would work. You can make reservations which helps.

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      well this restaurant looks fantastic, but my group is more of the burger and wing crowd. however i would like some better options.
      thanks for your help

      1. re: jeffbatl

        What about Rockit then? Everything is bar-food like but not "frozen fries/gray burger" quality.

    2. I'd also throw out Hub 51. They have fantastic chicken nachos and a big menu- with everything from sushi to tacos to burgers and the food is really good (although I haven't had the sushi) and the place has a fun atmosphere. You can also make reservations for Hub on opentable.

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        Sportbar 260 is pretty decent too, really good burger.

      2. thank you for all the great suggestions!

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          As far as downtown goes, I'd take a look at Jake Melnick's. It is easily one of the best beer lists in the downtown area and their food is squarely in the burger/wing demographic. I actually haven't eaten there so I can't comment on the quality of said burgers/wings, but I'm sure they aren't terrible -- Melnick's is a Lettuce Entertain You restaurant and they have always been dependable, if not terribly innovative (with some exceptions). Rock Bottom makes their own beer on-site but the food is pretty forgettable (plenty of tv's, though).

          If you're willing to travel a little farther from the downtown area, I'd suggest Goose Island (we're talking ~4 miles to get to Jake Melnick's and Goose is another 2.5 miles northwest). Goose Island is the oldest brewpub still in operation in Chicago and the variety (and quality) of beer on tap is amazing. Burgers and wings are very good, albeit 'fancied' up a bit -- their wings use siracha chile paste instead of your traditional Louisiana hot sauce. Note that Goose has two brewpubs - one if Wrigleyville, near Wrigley Field, and very far from McCormick Center; another at 1800 N. Clybourn Ave.

        2. If location is an issue and you're willing to settle for decent (altho there are lots of specialty beers and the walleye is pretty good), the South Loop outlet of our Wisconsin neighbor Kroll's is in walking distance:

          1. wow. you guys have really delivered. i will report my findings.

            thanks again