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May 9, 2011 11:54 AM

Is this a painfully stupid idea? (re: kitchen appliances)

So, I am moving into a new apartment after having lived in my current place, equipped with a gas stovetop, for a few years. The new place does not have a gas line. My problem is, I have gotten *damned* attached to the gas stovetop and am having difficulty imagining going back to the usual electric burners. An idea that popped into my head was using a combo of an oven only - maybe this: (this seems to be a well thought of appliance - I live alone and am usually only cooking for 1-3 people, but I am definitely open to recommendations) and something like a portable gas stove/set of burners. Possibly something I have seen in the outdoors shops my sister haunts? Like this (random search - no attachment to this one in particular): - maybe 2-3 of them?

Is this a ridiculous idea? Does anyone have any thoughts on workability? Recommendations for equipment? Please let me know!

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  1. I don't suppose an induction cooktop would interest you? They can be more precisely controlled, they're fast, and they are, of course, designed to be used indoors. I love my Rosewill cooktop and I don't have to worry about being gassed to death in my sleep or anything.

    1. portable gas burners don't work *anything* like hard-connected gas'd be hating life within a week.

      1. I don't know the rules for Montreal (assuming that is where you are from), but in DC it is illegal for us to have gas grills, inside or outside on balconies, in condo buildings. I don't know the exact rule but if you use this approach and cause a fire or any damage and its illegal, you may have voided your insurance. Just a potential issue!

        1. agree with dclinds...
          u also need to look into your fire codes/building regs

          the propane burner would be illegal/against fire code here ...
          u cant even store the tanks for them near the building...
          or have a charcoal either...
          only kind of grill u can even have near the building is an electric one...
          is this a complex or building?
          do they have gas grills outside?

          u may just have to stick with what comes with the apt...
          my last apt had a self cleaning current one i have to clean a stove every once in a while...

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          1. re: srsone

            Ha, OK, shot down! This is good advice and I have ditched my crazy idea - thank you all for posting. :)

            It's looking like induction is the way to go - an induction range. I will search the threads here for info because to be honest, I don't think I was aware that 'induction' was significantly different from 'electric burners'. Any advice or links would be appreciated.

            Thanks again, you may have saved me from burning down my apartment. :)

          2. You want to use a propane burner indoors? Don't skimp on liability insurance.