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May 9, 2011 11:48 AM

Place for a wedding after party with good music, food, and booze

I've found this board SO helpful in researching places to have my 60-person seated lunch wedding reception. (Based on discussions here, I'm focusing on Arnaud's and Muriel's as my top choices).

So, I thought I'd ask for more advice.

The wedding and reception will be Saturday morning and afternoon. I'd like to have a couple hours planned at a bar for Saturday night, so that the out of town guests can all gather at a fun New Orleans place and get the chance to dance and act crazy. I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to arrange a very informal open bar at a fun spot with (preferably live) music and cheap eats like a crawfish boil or po-boys buffet style.

There would probably be about 50 people attending. I'd like to keep it around $2-3k.

Is this possible? Have any recommendations? I've love to have all three -- music, open bar, and food -- but if I need to get rid of either music or food to keep it in-budget, I can let people seek out one of those things on their own.

FQ area would be best, but uptown might work also if I could arrange some easy transportation.

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  1. "Open bar at a fun spot with (preferably live) music and cheap eats like a crawfish boil or po-boys buffet style." Anything else? Seriously, that's a tall order. I would try calling Bachanal, the Country Club, Cafe Amelie, although people report having difficulty dealing with them, and Parkway Bakery, might be your best bet. Welcome to Chowhound.

    Cafe Amelie
    912 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70116

    Country Club
    634 Louisa Street, New Orleans, LA 70117

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      Haha, yeah I thought it'd probably be too much to ask for. Thanks for the recommendations. Bachanal looks awesome... pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I'll have to scope it out when I'm next in NOLA.

    2. Check out rock and bowl in midcity. Live music, bar, buffet packages though location may not meet your needs. We were there for a rehearsal party. Casual and fun.

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        what saturday? what time of year is wedding? crawfish season can run anywhere from feb-late june. prime season is april and may. i think rock n bowl might be perfect for this. going to be tough to do all of this for 2-3k with open bar. also, i hate to be the bearer of bad news but crawfish boils and even po-boys can get up there in price! i would look to eat and drink in one spot then go for live music somewhere else. also, open bar will change drastically in price depending on the number of hours you would have your event for. again, i would look for food and drink at one place then bring everybody over to tipitina's or rock-n-bowl. also, look and see if you might be able to rent the tchoup house for a night. google it. i could do a crawfish boil for 50 people for you as well. i just rocked a 5 sack boil (200) pounds over jazzfest but for 50 people who are out of towners i think 3-4 sacks 110-150 pounds with fixins might do ya! give me more details and i will see if i can give you some good rec's. good luck!

        1. re: mcegielski

          The exact date isn't nailed down yet, but looking at a Saturday in March or April. Yeah, it looks like I won't be able to get everything I want. I might just do an open bar for two hours and have some lighter fare available. Rock-n-Bowl's a great suggestion, I just know people will want to go out in the French Quarter or Marigny afterwards, so I'm reluctant to truck everyone to midcity. Hmm maybe I need to revise my plan...

          1. re: lawyerly

            If the weather is nice, you will regret forcing everyone into a bowling alley. Don't overlook Parkway Bakery, they have an ideal sized courtyard, covered seating, stage. Plus, they do make good po'boys. Not in the quarter though. On the other hand, Vaughn's is a short walk from Bachanal if you can set something up with them.