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May 9, 2011 09:58 AM

Looking for upscale, romantic in Quebec City...But NOT French

Going to Quebec City for my upcoming 40th with my husand and we are looking for lovely, romantic, restaurants but the caveat here is we generally do not like french food. We try to steer away from Rabbit, Duck, Lamb, any type of wild game, and are not heavily into cream sauces. Crepes are not a favorite either. I know this will limit us somewhat but we venture on. We are staying at the Chateau Frontenac (can be changed) and will go to their Sunday Brunch. (open to other ideas). I have read through many other threads and found that Le Michelangelo would be a good choice for Italian. Any other suggestions? Perhaps another Italian, a steak house, a fish place? A good burger place for lunch would be much appreciated as well.

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  1. Steaks I would go to La BĂȘte also in Ste-Foy, Italian could also be at le CaffĂ© Conti 2 minutes walking from Chateau Frontenac or Il Teatro. Mussels at Le Poisson d'Avril, burgers at Chez Victor on St-Jean street . All good restaurants will have fish on their menu so when walking around just check menus!

    Chez Victor
    2360 Ch Ste Foy Pyramide, Quebec, QC G1R, CA

    1. Please be aware that most places that have "french" food will not be the sort you are thinking of - cream sauces tend to be a thing of the past (although there are still restaurants that serve those traditional dishes, they aren't going to be the ones you want to frequent). While you may find game menus, there are usually always plenty of other options. There are so many good restaurants in Quebec City - check this board for threads about dining there, and you should get a pretty good idea.
      For brunch, I'd skip the Chateau Frontenac, and try a place like Cafe du Clocher Penche.

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        You could also go to ile d orleans if you have a car, just a short drive but a nice small island to drive around, they have foodie map for sampling along the route and have some lovely inns with good restos--French restos nowadays do offer market menus, fish, etc

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          Definitely second Canard Huppe. We went in 2002 for lunch, when it had recently opened, and loved it. Still remember the meal. The couple that runs it is charming. Even my eat only yoghurt and cereal young nephew enjoyed it. We will be in Quebec next month, and will definitely being going back.

      2. For Italian food, I personally prefer Il Matto, owned by the son of Michelangelo's owner. Still romantic, but less "stuffy", in a more relax yet upscale and romantic atmosphere. The menu, though a bit on the short side, still has enough choice to satisfy anyone and is based on the owner's mamma's recipes. I'm a fan of the agnelotti and the cannolis are probably the best in the city. (there is a location downtown near the port, in the old city


        For the rest, I think you got great advice from fellow chowhounders. Have a nice trip!

        850 Av Myrand, Quebec, QC G1V2V5, CA

        1. Although not directly in downtown Quebec City, we stayed at Le Chateau Bonne Entente and it was lovely, quaint and romantic. Our room was fabulous and the service top-nothc. The restaurant there was amazing!!! Our dinners there may have been among the best meals we've ever had.The outside dining was lovely, too, during the day. I would so highly recommend it!!