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May 9, 2011 08:01 AM

Foraging in the Lansing/Mid-Michigan area

I've always enjoyed eating ramps/morels, but I've never made the effort to look for them myself. Can anyone give me some tips on where to look in the Lansing area? Is it still a good time or is it too late?

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  1. The Ramps are in full effect....the main place to look is on the banks of rivers as they go. There is a park that follows the Ceder River and I have gotten bushels out of there. The Park is on Meridian Road just south of Grand River.

    The morels are just getting started and I will not give you any help in finding my spots but I will say that I have found them within a 2 mile radius of that park. It is just the right time to start looking.

    These pics are from yesterday.....

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      Funnily enough, right after I posted this a couple google searches informed me that the last thing one should do is ask people for advice/their spots/etc., so I appreciate your kind and informed reply. There's a couple parks in the area that I frequent, so I'll be sure to check along the riverbanks. Morels might prove too much of a challenge for me, as they are quite small in comparison and I'm not very observant.

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        Morels do take a keen eye and tons of patience.

    2. Hardly mid-Michigan, but the Morel Festival is happening this weekend up in Boyne City - they do a couple of guided, instructive hunts. Advance registration is required, and they have fees associated, but easier than trying to get someone to tell you their hunting spots. :)

      Personally, I plan to go up just to forage at the food tents...

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        There's a mushrooming class at the Ann Arbor REI next week, taught by the Michigan Mushroom Hunting Club. I'm going.,....

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          Okay, I have to report someone who has really tired of "food festivals" because they always seem overcrowded, overpriced, and underwhelming in terms of actual food...I really had a good time at Morelfest. I went up to go to the "Taste of Morels" portion of the fest, and while most of the dishes weren't that great, some of them were quite good and Langdon Cook (from Fat of the Land) filled in as a surprise celebrity speaker. Maybe it was because the weather was awful, but it was a fun atmosphere - good people-watching, a craft show that was actually crafty (I bought some homemade caramels from someone selling woodcrafts), and a beautiful setting right on the lake. I would go back.

          And, since I was up there, I decided to take a scenic route back, and spotted an incredible ramp patch in the woods. Turned around, checked for No Trespassing signs, and pulled a couple of solid handfuls to work on for the next few days. I wish morels were as easy to find...but I've only been successful at foraging them at Meijer thus far. :/

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            Found a few pounds yesterday....

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              BTW the Green Tops for the Ramps don't look all that hot right now. I picked a bunch for some potato salad yesterday, but they will fall away soon.