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May 9, 2011 07:45 AM

They're back baby!

There is a God! My prayers have been answered, Sunflower reopened. They are as good as, or better than ever and just in time, I was in bad need of a basil chicken fix. We ate spring rolls and a crepe as well as lemon grass shrimp and the aforementioned basil chicken. We brought a bottle of cheap merlot that went great with the food and conversation. What a pleasure to see the ladies of Sunflower, and to talk to happy diners at other tables to see what they missed these last few months. If you havent' eaten at Sunflower you owe your stomach a treat. The place looks great and the food tastes marvelous!!!

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  1. Fantastic news! Have there been improvements to the facilities while they were down, or is the same ol' good ol' divey Sunflower?

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      They have put in a nice new floor, added some blinds for the windows, but otherwise it remains the same old funky Sunflower! It smells as great as I remembered, and the ladies are all glad to see their old customers. I wish I could talk my wife into going back again tonight.