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May 9, 2011 07:39 AM

Can anyone recommend a meal delivery service (SoCal or nationwide)?

Hi Fellow Chowhounders:

I'd like to arrange meal delivery for friends who are going through a really hard time (beginning serious and debilitating medical treatment, related financial troubles, 2 young kids in the house, no family and few friends in their area...). If they were in NYC, I'd just place a weekly order of prepared foods with Fresh Direct. An internet search turned up only these Hollywood-type meal services for "detoxification" or "energy balancing" at insanely high prices. I'm looking for good, tasty normal food to feed a family.

I've become aware that there are some nationwide services that people use to set up meal delivery for elderly parents, for instance. (I think the food comes frozen for most of them, which would be fine.)

Has anyone ever used any of these companies? Or eaten any of their food?

I really value your opinions and need your advice. Thanks!

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  1. I used Dine Wise / Home Bistro for my mother and some friends..

    Google Dine wise / Home Bistro. The food can be selected by health needs which is nice. It is shipped on dry ice and I think is you just drop bags in boiling water. Mother said the food was good. I haven't tried it. I haven't used it in a couple of years, so not sure of quality or price now.

    You might want to order one meal for you to taste and then place an order for your friends.

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      Thank you, Janet! I haven't heard that service before, and your suggestion to try a meal myself is excellent.

    2. Some personal chefs provide delivery service if they are using a commercial kitchen. Most personal chefs cook at the customer's home (bringing everything they need for preparing meals) but that may not work for your friends. You can check out Southern California personal chefs at the United States Personal Chef Association ( I used a personal chef service a few times for my mom before she moved to live with my sister. She was very pleased with the meals. Good luck!

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      1. re: Squint has some prepared foods, but they are great for grocery delivery. Place an order and they will deliver it within 30 min. I use them quite often,. I discovered them when i was caring for my sister and was unable to go to the store. Their food, including their produce is always fresh and packed neatly. and the drivers are always friendly and courteous.

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          Thank you to Miri1 and Squint. I'm going to look into all suggestions.

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   is LA only; my friends are in Santa Barbara. Too bad! It looks like just what I need.