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May 9, 2011 07:32 AM


Went to Eat Here last week, it was an interesting evening. We like the Beach Bistro for special occasions, or entertaining out of town guests. This is not intended to be Beach Bistro II.It is billed as a "Casual Beach Shack with Beach Bistro style" It seems their goal is to see how they can set the new world's record for speed dining and table turnover. Every step of the operation is aimed at table turn; from receiving a menu and wine/beer prior to being seated,(no reservations accepted), to the servers expecting you to be ready to order as soon as you sit down. service is rushed too, main course comes minutes after appetizers were served. No bread is served and the dishes ran from disappointing to very good. In a nutshell, house made potato chips, fair, mussels poor, way over cooked, veal meatloaf, fair, too dense with considerable ground gristle, mashed potatos very good, pieces of potatois what I like, "Titanic" a wedge salad with a very good Blue Cheese vinaigrette, if the blueberries were not present, they would not be missed. This is not the place to have a conversation after you are finished, as the check was presented while we were still eating our main course, and the server asked several times if she could take the check. Don't even think of having an after dinner coffee.
Overall I must say I am not looking forward to my next dinner there; but I would go again if part of a group who wanted to go. I guess I am saying it would not be my first choice if asked.

Beach Bistro
6600 Gulf Dr, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

Beach Shack
1 Minutemen Cswy, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

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  1. Thanks, I will definitely take a pass! Hopefully it's just the new factor, maybe time will improve. Since it's not fast food I expect to be there anywhere from one and a half hours to two hours. I get that same feeling at Bonefish, but we make sure we tell them that we are not in a rush as we sit down.

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    1. re: Mother of four

      Mother of 4

      "Eat Here" makes Bonefish look like a Greek Wedding Banquet that lasts until dawn!!!!!! I feel if one said "We are not in a rush" as you are seated; the server is instructed to say "But we are in a rush to get your order, eat,and get out", lol.... just the feeling I picked up.

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        Mother of 4 -- You are funny......
        Ate there Wednesday evening. Food was good. Service was terrible. Waiter had a "tude" and it showed all evening. This was our thrid and last time. They are always busy, but Its lacking proper management. It has two kitchens, so all the food does not come out at the same time. Some people can be finished eating, when the food arrives for the rest of the table. This sucks.

    2. You lost me at "no reservations accepted". ;-)