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May 7, 2011 05:17 AM

Sesame Ginger Dressing

ski gypsy, which brand won the sesame ginger dressing taste test -- and what is the flavor profile?

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  1. Hi alkapal, great question! I happened to share the taste test, including photos, with my ginger-loving niece so I'm including visual aids in my "report" for you ;)

    I chose Sun Harvest Sesame Ginger as my fave because I love ginger and this dressing is alive with ginger. Also, I like to add shredded carrots and a pinch of garlic to it and recreate our favorite Sushi bar's house dressing. The bold flavors of the Sun Harvest don't get overwhelmed by my fine-tuning.

    Second choice was Annie's Naturals, a well rounded blend of savory soy, nutty sesame, ginger and a sweet hint of honey. Almost identical to the Sun Harvest but not quite as gingery. Strong and very well balanced.

    The San-J Tamari Ginger was safe, very neutral, with all the right flavors melding nicely but nothing too bright or exciting. (Good for a "Beginning Intro to Asian Dressings and Marinades".)

    The Bragg's Organic Ginger and Sesame dressing was way too vinegary. And the Ken's Steak House Asian Sesame was very sweet and gloppy.

    The winner, the Sun Harvest Sesame Ginger, is unfortunately a house brand for Henry's Farmer's Market health food chain in Texas and throughout Southern California. But the runner up Annie's Naturals, with the addition of a pinch of pureed or finely grated ginger is a fine stand in. Either choice, when dressing a salad of fresh greens, diced leftover chicken, slivered almonds, mandarin orange slices and some finely chopped scallions or chives = That Great Asian Chicken Salad we pay $12 for in the restaurants. Stir a smidge of peanut butter into the dressing or sprinkle some chopped peanuts onto the mix and you'll start looking for the fortune cookies that came with your salad!

    These are just the Sesame Ginger dressings I found available where I live. If anyone has other recommendations or suggestions please share because I'm always looking to find the best, the easiest, and the tastiest when it comes to cooking. Which is why...I'm a ChowHound!

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    1. re: ski_gpsy

      +1 on the Sun Harvest (Henry's) brand. Have also found their olive oil to be tasty and a good price.

      1. re: pine time

        Good tip on the EVOO (for those of us lucky to live near Henry's!)

        Just so you know pine time, we've just created a dedicated Taste Test Thread;

        which includes the Sesame Ginger post. Would love to have your +1 there, and any other brand suggestions you would share!

      2. re: ski_gpsy

        ski gyspsy, have you ever tried "makoto" brand? it doesn't have sesame, but is just a ginger dressing. it is on sale this week, and i'm in the asian light salad mood..... so i'll report back after i try it.

      3. Hey alkapal, when you said "why don't we make a new thread" I did! I didn't realize that you had created this one and I started The Taste Test Thread;

        I included the Sesame Ginger results and added a couple more taste preferences. Do you have any you can share?