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May 9, 2011 07:23 AM

Montreal's Best Halvah


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  1. We just buy ours from Akhavan

    1. Hi from the Toronto board. OK, my Montreal sister-in-law can't remember the exact brand that I liked but here are the 2 she suggests:

      Either Kanater or Rabih. It is Halawah in Arabic. It has pistachios. Here's a link to one brand:

      Maybe it's the pistachios that did it for me. I'll have to check Akram's in Toronto for halvah with pistachios.

      1. I was brought up on Camel Brand Halvah which I believe was manufactured in Montreal. It is still the taste and texture of Halvah I desire. There are many purveyors of excellent Halvah in Montreal and I usually buy my Halvah at Akhavan but I would again love to open a can of Camel Brand which I believe was manufactured by Saracen Bros.

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          pretty darn good at maxie's cavendish mall! which might not exist anymore...

        2. I think the one we alway bought was Rabih. It's the one with the green plastic top. My dad used to sell it at our middle eastern grocery store. And now I'm craving it!!