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May 9, 2011 07:21 AM

someplace between colorado and new york

i know that's a wide swath. my GF teaches dance in Co every summer. I want to fly out with my son to meet her there at the end of the term, and then fly someplace for a few days before returning to NYC.

I'm open to anyplace, so what city (ies) would you suggest, for people who love to eat?

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  1. Chicago and New Orleans seem the most obvious, no?

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    1. re: tatamagouche

      yes. but i was hoping for some less obvious choices as well

      1. re: thew

        Well, living in CO, I'd suggest you stay here and do Denver/Boulder! But that's not what you asked.

        If you're a BBQ guy, of course, you could do KC or could fly directly north and do Vegas I suppose...The off-strip scene is becoming increasingly interesting I think...Philly?

        Of course there are surprising finds everywhere—but a few surprising finds aren't the same as great, diverse, long-lived food traditions. For instance, OKC has a large Vietnamese community. Des Moines, a surprisingly good Italian-American scene. But I wouldn't choose them over CHI just for novelty's sake.

    2. A certain amount will depend upon the the airline, so many interesting areas don't have direct flights.

      A few ideas are Memphis, Austin, San Antonio, St. Paul/Minneapolis and Kansas City. Asheville is great, but the airport is quite small, would take all day to get there.

      1. What kind of eating do you want to do? That might help direct you. As a Chicagoan, I can say without question that as a destination city we can't be beat, but it really does depend on what you want. We're not big on bbq, but have probably the best regional Mexican cuisine in the US, great gastropubs and extraordinary high-end contemporary eating and some very surprising creative and wonderful inexpensive food.

        1. the way airlines work, it might not matter at all if the city is actually "inbetween" those two places.

          austin is a good choice for many reasons, mostly being bbq and bars (is this son over 21?), and southwest flies out of there.