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May 9, 2011 05:55 AM

Abeles & Heymans Franks

I've noticed there's big difference in taste between the Abeles and Heymans franks in the eight frankfurter package as compared to the big packages. The ones in the big packages taste much better.

anyone else notice this?

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  1. I would pay close attention to make sure both are all beef - I have noticed with A&H as well as other manufacturers you have to look closely for all beef vs some cut with chicken/turkey -

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    1. re: weinstein5

      The dogs from the big packages (16 per pack) are larger as well. Knockwursts are even larger. Now I am hungry.

    2. the ones in the big pack are larger and juicer- there my favorite dogs ummm

      1. Absolutely. I have noticed this for a while. Happy to see it wasn't just me. Also, the ones in the big package usually come still in the casing. Not sure if this has anything to do with it.

        The ones in the larger packages have to be the best kosher hot dogs out there.

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        1. re: shaytmg

          what really bothers me is they sell small A&B franks at Costco and not the big juicy ones.

          1. re: shaytmg

            You've obviously never eaten a Romanian hot dog.

            1. re: ferret

              Guilty as charged. Have to grab one next time I'm in Chicago.

              Do you eat them with a salad and celery salt?

              1. re: shaytmg

                Mustard only, but on a Tel Aviv onion bun (diced caramelized onions baked into the challah-textured hot dog bun).

              2. re: ferret

                when they start showing up in the 5 towns kosher supermarkets I'll buy them. Meanwhile every 5 towns kosher market has the A&Hs ;-)=

                1. re: berel

                  I do not know if they ship hot dogs - but Romanians is now shipping their salamis across the country -

                2. re: ferret

                  I shlepped about 10 pounds of a variety of hot dogs home last summer from Romanian (got some funny looks from the TSA screener; I explained that they are reputed to be the best kosher hot dogs in the country), and I seem to be the da'as yachid here, but I wasn't blown away. Do not misunderstand me . . . they are excellent, but I didn't think they were so amazing that it was worth the shlep. The A & H dogs are fine for me.

                  1. re: queenscook

                    They have several varieties and the garlic dogs are my personal favorite. They also make an excellent Italian sausage.

              3. I've tried the A&H (from Costco) and was not blown away. I happen to think that Shor Habor (really) makes a great hotdog.

                But nothing matches the ones we used to get from Koestrich (spelling?) in Washington Heights 40 years ago...

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                1. re: hanistor

                  the A&H at costco are the small packages

                  1. re: berel

                    Go for the A&H knockwursts-trust me.

                    1. re: abu applesauce

                      my friend Eli at King David deli in Cedrahurst is going to give me a raw Romanian polish style garlic hot dog so I can do a taste test with the A&H hot dogs.

                      maybe I should sell tickets to the event ;-)

                      1. re: berel

                        Is that the brand they sell there? Do they import them from Chicago?

                        1. re: queenscook

                          Romainian does not have a USDA certification so he can not sell over state lines for commercial sales. That is why you never see it anywhere else in the country. However, they just recently started selling to individuals (not stores) so you can call them and they will ship it to you.

                          1. re: chicago maven

                            Salami and salamis sticks only, for now.

                            1. re: chicago maven

                              My question was really why Berel said that he was getting the hot dog from his friend at King David deli; I thought he was saying that that is the brand they used there.

                              In fact, if you look above, I am one of the few that is not impressed enough to order them or shlep them back from Chicago. They were excellent hot dogs, but not enough for the expense of shipping them to here or the trouble of bringing them home if I am in Chicago.

                            2. re: queenscook

                              King David has Romanian products available, they get them from Chicago

                    2. I've really enjoyed the Lower East Side brand sausages recently. I think they're much better than the A&H franks. It's been too long since I last had Romanian to compare, but other than Romanian I think they're the best I've had.

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                      1. re: tdg

                        Sampling hot dogs is my hobby. I've tried to get Romanian to ship to me, but as chicago maven mentioned, they cannot. The guy I spoke with said that the franks are often compared to A&H. I think they are quite different. I can see why people love A&H, but I don't. They have a unique flavor but I don't care for the spicing. These franks are tangy and have a sort of metallic taste. Where I live (New Jersey), I'll stick with Hebrew National which I can get in the warmer months with a collagen casing. Empire National also makes a fine kosher frank.

                        A few years ago someone who lives 3 blocks from Romanian Kosher Sausage Co. sent me some of their franks. They are, in my opinion not only the best kosher hot dog I've had, but one of the best beef franks I've had (I don't keep kosher) out of close to a hundred different beef franks I've sampled.

                        Some excellent beef franks I've sampled are Best's out of New Jersey, Gilbert's Craft Sausages, a new company out of Sheboygen, Wisconsin, Usinger's from Milwaukee, and Boars Head.

                        1. re: hotdoglover

                          Where in NJ can you get the Hebrew Natioal with the collagen casing - I assume these are the non-packaged ones, that are sol loose. Correct?

                          1. re: helou

                            Two places I know of. Wegmans supermarkets where they are sold loose and Maple Kosher Meats on Vauxhall Rd. in Union. They are sold loose as well but when I bought a few they were taken out of a package. I would get them at Maple Kosher. One time I bought one at Wegmans and it was a little dried out from sitting exposed to air. I used to get mine at Goldberg's in Old Bridge. They are no longer there as the owner retired and closed down.

                            1. re: hotdoglover

                              Thanks, I've got Wegman's not too far, and my husband works in Union that could work too. How is the rest of the meat at Maple?

                              1. re: helou

                                I've only had the franks, but they have a good reputation so my guess is that therest is good. They are closed Saturdays. Not to open a can of worms, but I asked the people at Deli King in Clark (a kosher deli) why they were open on the Sabbath. They said they were kosher, not Glatt kosher. The guys at Maple said a kosher butcher or deli has to be closed on the Sabbath.

                                1. re: hotdoglover

                                  Quick response before the floodgates open on that point - There are many non-glatt delis that are open on Shabbat. They tend to be in more Conservative areas and feature Hebrew National products. Most orthodox authorities do not accept these delis as kosher. What a given individual decides is up to them.

                                  1. re: craigcep

                                    I'm going to stay out of the "open shabbos" vs "closed shabbos" fray, but I shop at Maple Kosher, and his meats are often fantastic. Jack's skirt steaks, hangers, and ribeyes are out of this world. BTW, he makes a homemade south african sausage, boerwurst, out of lamb, beef, chicken, and turkey (your choice!) which is phenomenal on the grill.