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May 9, 2011 05:32 AM

76th Birthday Lunch for 6 in Milan -- after Duomo visit, before going to Last Supper at 430 --

Need recommendations for a nice bday lunch for my Mom while on vacation in Milan -- we will be going to the Duomo in the morning, quick stop before or after at Vit. Em. II just to see the beautiful shops, and then want to have a lunch before heading to see the Last Supper at 430 pm. From there, we're taking the train back to Varenna, where we're staying for 3-4 days. Any ideas for a nice lunch -- $$ is not a huge factor, but our gang likes local favorites more than fancy!! For example, in Rome, our fave place for lunch is Enoteca Corsi, even when we're nearer to a more upscale place.

Any ideas ??

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  1. Were it me in Milan in July, I would not want spend much time walking around in the heat. I'm sorry I can't help you with a restaurant recommendation but I suggest that after you see the Galleria, that you all take a couple of taxis to a restaurant near Santa Maria delle Grazie (the venue for the Last Supper). There is a taxi rank facing the Duomo in the piazza del Duomo.

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