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May 9, 2011 04:47 AM

Mississauga advice for a Monday night coming up very soon - NEED YOUR EXPERT OPINION

Foodie guests coming from the US and need midpoint between Hamilton and Toronto - so choice was Mississauga but not seeing anything that really 'grabs' me - love all food - best would be something on healthier side if possible

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      1. re: uberathlete

        Bistro Narra is a great recommendation.

        1. re: chowow

          thanks to all of you!! Will offer these suggestions. What is best Indian and/or Japanese resto in Mississauga in your opinion ?

          1. re: foodmadfam

            Kumai is by far the best sushi I've eaten in Mississauga. Hinote is popular as well but IMO the quality (and authenticity) is no where near the level of Kumai. The only Indian restaurant worth recommending, IMO, is a South Indian dosa spot called Guru Lakshmi.

            1. re: Apprentice

              unfortunately, our guests were not keen on vegetarian - I would have preferred the dosa place myself - landed up going to Nirvana - food quite good - but can you imagine an Indian restaurant out of samosas and one or two other signature dishes... thanks for all the advice

      2. Breakwater Fine Dining in Port Credit. I went there for a meal when I was visiting Toronto before I moved here. I love that it is on the water. Very cute. The food was great.