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May 9, 2011 03:16 AM

Need a fine dining recommendation in Singapore

Can anyone please recommend a good fine dining option in Singapore? A classy/formal ambiance/environment is important.

Some places I'm looking at: Iggy's, Guy Savoy, Les Amis, Gunther, Les Amis

Are there any good molecular gastronomy places in singapore?

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  1. It's not molecular gastronomy however I had an incredible meal at Waku Ghin. One of my best meals for many years.

    1. Singapore's first molecular gastronomy restaurant, Aurum at Clarke Quay, closed down a couple of years ago. You didn't miss much - they didn't do anything "SIngaporean" like deconstructed laksa or char koay teow in liquid form, but only reprised dishes done in molecular restaurants you'd find anywhere else.

      These 2 fine restaurants are not strictly molecular gastronomy, but their inventive cuisine do come close:

      1. Restaurant Andre at 41 Bukit Pasoh Road Singapore 089855. Tel: +65 6534 8880.
      You may like to check out their website:

      2. FiftyThree at 53 Armenian Street, Singapore 179940. Tel: +65 63345535

      1. Agree with klyeoh: Andre is a good recommendation, and so is FiftyThree. But I'm not so sure that the ambiance at both these restaurants are 'classy/formal'. It's definitely uppity, very fine dining food - it's really almost all about the food, a little on the gorgeous tableware, and a bit on the charming shophouse (both restaurants are in these conservation gems).

        If you're out to impress a true, serious foodie date, Andre will be a good bet.

        Last I had Iggy's (about 9 months ago I think), I didn't find the food as memorable anymore. The first two times I went (years ago), were much better experiences.

        Les Amis - more if you're out to impress with .. impressions. Ah, there're chandeliers and French modern style furnishings, food is top notch, but if I had a choice.. still Andre, sorry.

        Gunther - my sis' went there very recently, cost a bomb, but it was really all about the freshest seafood. She said she would return, but this time be more selective in her choices.

        Have fun and report back!

        1. are any of the celebrity chef restaurants any good? Guy Savoy, Cut, Osteria Mozza, L'atelier, Joel Robuchon, etc.?

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          1. re: flzhang

            I liked CUT, but Osteria Mozza was disappointing.

            1. re: flzhang

              Would go back to Waku Ghin.
              Have been back to Mozza (pizzeria side).
              Would go back to DB.
              Wouldn't go back to Cut.

                1. re: klyeoh

                  Actually I regret posting that - I don't like bashing restaurants, particularly without any explanation. I am sure my experience is not indicative.

                  1. re: PTG

                    But you did right! At that level, restaurants like CUT cannot afford to slacken, so you should highlight how they failed you that night - a poorly-timed steak, a mediocre but overpriced wine, slipshod wait-service.

                    1. re: klyeoh

                      That's true and that is why i was so annoyed. My dining companion' steak was over-cooked twice. The second time it was not sent back. Steak was ordered medium rare however was tabled with just the tiniest hint of pink in the middle of the steak.

                      The floor staff dealt with it extremely professionally - complimentary sides ( incl. world's best onion rings), prompt new steak...... but an overcooked steak nonetheless.

              1. re: flzhang

                Cut (steakhouse) or Osteria Mozza would't really be fine dining - the setting is casual and bustling rather than formal as in your opening post.

                Guy Savoy would qualify but it is very expensive. For that money, Waku Ghin is a better choice food wise, though dining at a Teppan counter on stools is not a very formal setting either.

              2. Guy Savoy was pretty good. Food was good enough although their service left something to be desired. But then, it was when chef Savoy was there. I am not sure what it's like now, when he is back in Paris.


                Also FYI, fine-dining Joël Robuchon Restaurant and more casual L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon have opened at Resorts World Sentosa, although an acquaintance of mine has tried at J.R. Restaurant and he wasn't fully satisfied with both the food and service. Perhaps kinda grand opening jitter?