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May 8, 2011 10:30 PM

Seattle - what's new & a MUST Do in 24hours (F&B research)

Hi Chowhounders!
I've scored a last minute trip to Seattle and I'm leaving in the am. I've got 24hours in town (w access to a vehicle, although driving ONLY if it REALLY warrants it) and am doing research on new places & dining & imbibing trends.
So, give me your best tips on what's hot & an absolutely can not miss!

I'm looking for different/unusual/local/regional/tasty the very best of the best. Cool ideas, menus, decor, fab drinks etc...

Hidden gems are welcome.

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  1. You may get some good replies here....
    In the meantime, check the board index. There have been several similar queries in the past two weeks.

    Enjoy your time in Seattle.

    1. For a Chow-worthy menu, check out Long's Provincial. For mussels, the upstairs bar at Maximillien's at the Market. For gastropub food, Quinn's (especially for the hot-wing frog's legs.) For Szechuan crab, Seven Stars Szechuan. (Those should keep you sated.)

      1. Either Joule or its sibling restaurant Revel for interesting and creative Korean-inflected dishes, or Sitka & Spruce for Pacific Northwest locavore fare.