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Seattle - what's new & a MUST Do in 24hours (F&B research)

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Hi Chowhounders!
I've scored a last minute trip to Seattle and I'm leaving in the am. I've got 24hours in town (w access to a vehicle, although driving ONLY if it REALLY warrants it) and am doing research on new places & dining & imbibing trends.
So, give me your best tips on what's hot & an absolutely can not miss!

I'm looking for different/unusual/local/regional/tasty the very best of the best. Cool ideas, menus, decor, fab drinks etc...

Hidden gems are welcome.

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  1. You may get some good replies here....
    In the meantime, check the board index. There have been several similar queries in the past two weeks. http://chowhound.chow.com/boards/63

    Enjoy your time in Seattle.

    1. For a Chow-worthy menu, check out Long's Provincial. For mussels, the upstairs bar at Maximillien's at the Market. For gastropub food, Quinn's (especially for the hot-wing frog's legs.) For Szechuan crab, Seven Stars Szechuan. (Those should keep you sated.)

      1. Either Joule or its sibling restaurant Revel for interesting and creative Korean-inflected dishes, or Sitka & Spruce for Pacific Northwest locavore fare.