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May 8, 2011 09:22 PM

Avignon and Ludes, Lively Restaurants

Hi, I'm looking for suggestions for dinners in Avignon and Ludes (or reasonably close by) for mid-June trip. (Yes, I realize the two cities are 5-6 hours apart).

Prefer somewhat more casual & lively room and not really seeking formal 3-star Michelin for these meals. Equally happy with a 15 year old "classic" restaurant or a new kid on the block chef/owner driven restaurant that is on their game.


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  1. I figured since you have not had any responses to your question about a "lively" restaurant for Avignon that I would at least tell you about two very good restaurants we have enjoyed. We live part of the year in Sablet about 45 minutes northeast of Avignon.

    We had a wonderful meal in a restaurant called L'Essentiel last summer and earlier in the year at a restaurant called Hiély Lucullus. I would definitely return again to both of them.

    I have a blog where I wrote about our meals and posted pictures of the restaurants and food we ate at

    1. Love Hiely! La Fourchette is very good, and we liked l'Isle Sonnante, but that one was a while ago.

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        We haven't been to l'Isle Sonnante in a while either, but here's a recent review:

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          nice to know. those were not the owners when we were there. Can it really have been that long? I guess so!

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            Yes, it's hard to believe for me to. Hadn't realized it had been that long since we were there. The last time I got turned off when I was waiting outside the Toillettes and saw the female chef walk out without washing up. Yech. Now maybe we'll go back....

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              Thanks so much Pammel, ChefJune, boredough! Great ideas and thanks.

              For some reason Pammel, your blog link did not work for me?? Is there another link to utilize?

              Again, thanks very very much.

      2. It's been a while, but we enjoyed our dinner at La Chartreuse in Villeneuve-les-Avignon, which is a quaint medieval village across the water from Avignon. The restaurant is housed inside an old church, and we came upon it entirely by accident while we were roaming the streets at night and saw some people enter what we thought was a closed historic site. We followed them inside, through a cute garden, past a poetry reading, and into a casual outdoor cafe/restaurant for a pleasant meal either overlooking the rooftops of the nearby medieval houses or under a spreading arbor. We were also there in June, so it was so lovely to sit outside, watching the sun go down while enjoying a meal.

        Some info is located here: