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May 8, 2011 06:52 PM

Graduation Dinner in Monroe, LA

I'd like to take my son out for a special meal for his graduation from ULM. The last suggestions I have are from 4 years ago. I'd appreciate any recs.

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    1. re: mik1005

      Any suggestions of what to order at Sage?

    2. What are his favorite types of food? Seafood...steak...italian...etc

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        1. re: cajungirl

          I like the Warehouse No. 1 for seafood, but a lot of my family favor the Waterfront Grill. I think both have pretty good food, but they aren't fancy on the inside. Warehouse is on the river, so that's kind of cool. For Italian, i really like Geno's or the Chateau, but i am not sure how large a party Geno's could accommodate. I know Chateau has a few side rooms, but again, neither of the interiors of these places look super nice to me. Neither of these Italian places serve cutting edge dishes or anything, just classic red sauce Italian. I have not eaten at Sage yet, but i've heard good things about it. The Brandy House inside a not so nice hotel was good, but i haven't been there in a while.

          Warehouse No. 1 Restaurant
          1 Olive St, Monroe, LA 71201

          Waterfront Grill
          5201 Desiard St, Monroe, LA 71203

          1. re: iluvtennis

            Thanks for the recs. We tried Waterfront Grill last time, and it was enjoyable but a little casual for this celebration. We ended up trying Sage. The decor was much nicer yet not overly stuffy. Great salad bar--very fresh and varied. The sea bass, shrimp and grits and grilled oysters were excellent! My son chose the lamb, which he liked very much, but I'm not a fan, so I shouldn't judge. The only disappointment for me was the white chocolate bread pudding, which tasted like it had fruit, maybe pineapple, in it, and that totally ruined it for me.

            Waterfront Grill
            5201 Desiard St, Monroe, LA 71203